Exchange REP
Price History
Market Cap
67,815,221 USD
24h Volume
818,860 USD
Circulating Supply
11,000,000 REP
Max Supply
11,000,000 REP
Augur Overview
An augur was a priest and official in the classical Roman world. His main role was the practice of augury: Interpreting the will of the gods by studying the flight of birds – whether they were flying in groups or alone, what noises they made as they flew, direction of flight, and what kind of birds they were. This was known as "taking the auspices".
Consensus Method
Ethereum Consensus
Status of Project
Fully Working Product
Coin Age
37 months
Block Processing
Emission Rate
Deflation Through Token Burning
Community size
Open Source
Jack Peterson
Team Memberes
13 member, 10 developers
Augur News
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US Elections Push Augur's Total Ether Bets Over $2 Million
U.S. elections drama may be dragging Augur out of the doldrums.
2017 to Today: Ethereum Predictions Are Aging
The most striking survey response was also the most straightforward to understand: sentiment around the 'overall state' of bitcoin and ethereum.
Crypto Prediction Market Augur Is Gearing Up for Its First Major Upgrade
As a venture-capital investor said in a recent interview, Augur's "Biggest pain point is user experience." This has meant that, following a brief honeymoon in which Augur attracted a flood of users, the platform's daily active user count is now solidly below 100.
Augur Users Down 90 Percent Since July Launch
Augur, an open source oracle and prediction market protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain, has seen a serious dip in users since it first launched in July, according to data from DappRadar.
Augur Sold 1 Million Ethereum at $0.7, Why Experts Say It Was the Right Decision
According to cryptocurrency researcher Dovey Wan, the decentralized prediction marketplace Augur sold around 1 million Ethereum at $0.7 immediately following its fundraising round.
BitMEX Reports Bitmain Needs Efficient Management to Reach 'Legendary' Status
The research arm of Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange recently analyzed leaked data about mining giant Bitmain to pinpoint fallacies and other investor accusations toward the mining business.
Report: CBOE to Launch Ethereum Futures Trading Later This Year
CBOE Global Markets, the owner of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and one of the world's largest exchange holding companies, is looking to launch futures for Ethereum, Business Insider reported August 30.Sources familiar with the situation told Business Insider that CBOE Global Markets is planning to launch ETH futures by the end of 2018.
Report: EU to Discuss Further Crypto Regulation Amid Concerns About Lack of Transparency
Economic and financial affairs ministers from the European Union's 28 member states will reportedly hold an informal meeting on the challenges posed by digital assets and the possibility of tightening regulations, Bloomberg reported August 29.
Fifth Largest Crypto Exchange Bithumb to Reopen Account Registrations, Media Report
Bithumb, one of the largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges, will open up account registrations after a month-long freeze, local media outlet Yonhap News reports Wednesday, August 29.
Report: Some Crypto Mining Apps Remain in Google Play Store Despite Recent Ban
According to a report by the Next Web published on August 28, several cryptocurrency mining apps remain in the Google Play Store despite the ban.