Exchange REP
Price History
Market Cap
339,983,600 USD
24h Volume
3,621,940 USD
Circulating Supply
11,000,000 REP
Max Supply
11,000,000 REP
Augur Overview
An augur was a priest and official in the classical Roman world. His main role was the practice of augury: Interpreting the will of the gods by studying the flight of birds – whether they were flying in groups or alone, what noises they made as they flew, direction of flight, and what kind of birds they were. This was known as "taking the auspices".
Consensus Method
Ethereum Consensus
Status of Project
Beta Version
Coin Age
32 months
Block Processing
Emission Rate
Community size
Open Source
Jack Peterson
Team Memberes
13 member, 10 developers
Augur News
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Spain: BBVA Bank and Energy Co. Repsol Partner to Develop Blockchain Financial Solutions
Major Spanish banking group BBVA and Spanish energy company Repsol have signed an agreement to develop blockchain-based solutions for corporate banking, according to an announcement published June 20.
The BIS' Report on Crypto as Money: A Critical Review
Cryptocurrency is a poor substitute for fiat money, claims the Bank of International Settlements in a chapter of its annual report, released on June 17.
Tether Audit: FSS Report States All USDT Is Fully Backed, but Can't Prove It
USD-paired stablecoin Tether released a report that indicates the company behind USDT does possess sufficient capital to back each individual token on a 1:1 basis.
Crypto Cries Foul In Wake of Tether's Dollar Token Report
That's what some are wondering after Tether, the makers of the dollar-pegged crypto asset, USDT, made an announcement Wednesday insisting that its tokens - valued at $2.6 billion - are fully-backed by real cash.
World Wealth Report 2018: Young Millionaires Interested in Investing in Cryptocurrencies
In its World Wealth Report 2018, consulting firm Capgemini identified a marked growth of interest in cryptocurrencies among rich investors, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported yesterday, June 19.For the report, Capgemini interviewed high-net-worth individuals and asset managers around the world about their interest in cryptocurrencies.
Crypto Markets See $13 Bln Price Spike in One Hour, Despite Negative BIS Report
Total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is around $289.2 bln at press time, spiking up $13 bln in one hour and reaching levels only slightly less than its weekly high around $300 bln on June 12.Total market cap of all cryptocurrencies from CoinMarketCap.
Japan's Self-Regulatory Crypto Exchange Body to Release Voluntary Rules, Report Says
Japan's Virtual Currency Exchange Association will reportedly be releasing new voluntary rules next week, Cointelegraph Japan reports today, June 18.
Halt the Internet? BIS Report Critiques Blockchain and DLT Claims
A financial institution operated by the world's central banks is taking aim at cryptocurrencies, questioning their ability to deliver on their promise in a new report published Sunday morning.
Japan: 16 Arrested in Monero Cryptojacking Case, Local Media Report
Japanese prosecutors from 10 prefectures have arrested 16 individuals suspected of involvement in an ongoing criminal case of cryptojacking, local news outlet The Asahi Shimbun reports June 15.
Report: CIA Neither Confirms nor Denies Knowledge of True Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto
The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has "Neither [confirmed] nor [denied] the existence" of information regarding the real identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Motherboard reported June 14.