Exchange DAI
Price History
Market Cap
87,375,159 USD
24h Volume
19,112,545 USD
Circulating Supply
84,985,868 DAI
Max Supply
84,985,868 DAI
Dai Overview
Dai is a cryptocurrency that automatically reacts to emergent market conditions in order to stabilize its value against the major world currencies. Dai is created by the Dai Stablecoin System, a decentralized platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.
Consensus Method
Ethereum Consensus
Status of Project
Fully Working Product
Coin Age
18 months
Block Processing
Emission Rate
Proportional To Network Activity
Community size
Open Source
Rune Christensen
Andy Milenius
Team Memberes
58 member, 23 developers
Dai News
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DAI is the first stablecoin listed on Coinbase Earn
Dai is the first stablecoin to be listed on Coinbase's education portal, which will enable its users to earn $6 in the coin by participating in lessons.
Coinbase Adds DAI as First Stablecoin in Crypto Exchange's Earn Program
Coinbase is adding the ethereum stablecoin DAI to its Earn program.
Coinbase Earn Now Supports Ethereum-Based Dai Stablecoin
Major crypto platform Coinbase has added a course on MakerDao's stablecoin dai in its educational portal Coinbase Earn, according to an official blog post by Coinbase on June 10.
MakerDAO finally lowers its stability fee as Dai overshoots peg
MakerDAO token holders voted to decrease the stability fee on the Dai stablecoin by 2 percent to 17.5 percent.
MakerDAO: Proposal to Lower DAI Stability Fee by 2% Executed
The decision to lower the so-called stability fee for MakerDAO's Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized stablecoin DAI by 2% has been executed on May 28.
MakerDAO Finally Approves DAI Fee Decrease After 11-Day Deliberation
After nearly two weeks of continuous voting, MakerDAO token holders have officially activated a decrease to DAI stablecoin fees.
Coinbase Now Supports Another Stablecoin, MakerDAO's Dai
Major cryptocurrency platform Coinbase now supports stablecoin Dai, according to an official press release on May 23.
Coinbase lists MakerDAO stablecoin Dai on its retail platform
Coinbase listed Maker's stablecoin Dai on its retail trading platform.
Coinbase Opens DAI Stablecoin Trading to Retail Customers
Crypto exchange Coinbase will now let its retail customers buy or trade the DAI stablecoin, so long as they don't live in New York.
Low Turnout Hinders MakerDAO Vote to Decrease Stablecoin Stability Fee by 2%
The vote to decrease stability fee for MakerDAO's Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized stablecoin Dai has failed, according to the voting results published on May 20.The vote about whether to decrease the fee by 2% to 17.5% per year started yesterday, May 19.