Exchange MIOTA
Price History
Market Cap
724,423,388 USD
24h Volume
7,527,800 USD
Circulating Supply
2,779,530,283 MIOTA
Max Supply
2,779,530,283 MIOTA
IOTA Overview
Iota (/aɪˈoʊtə/; uppercase Ι, lowercase ι; Greek: ιώτα) is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. It was derived from the Phoenician letter Yodh. Letters that arose from this letter include the Latin I and J, the Cyrillic І (І, і), Yi (Ї, ї), and Je (Ј, ј), and iotated letters (e.g. Yu (Ю, ю)).
Consensus Method
Quantum Resistant Directed Acyllic Graph
Status of Project
Fully Working Product
Coin Age
26 months
Block Processing
Emission Rate
No New Tokens Created
Community size
Open Source
David Sønstebø
Edward Greve
Team Memberes
45 member, 14 developers
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IOTA launches $5 million Coordicide research grant program
IOTA announced a $5 million grant program to contribute to "Coordicide"-related research, the elimination of the project's centralized coordinating node.
Trinity wallet review, IOTA Foundation's newly released software wallet
The IOTA Foundation announced the full release of its Trinity wallet for mobile and desktop.
IOTA Foundation Launches Trinity, a New Software Wallet for IOTA tokens
The IOTA Foundation has launched the Trinity wallet, as the organization announced in a press release on July 2.
IOTA Foundation showcases improved algorithm with better security and scalability
The IOTA Foundation recently presented a research paper with a novel algorithm for improving the network's ability to combat spam attacks and congestion.
Alyx Fashion Brand Launches IOTA-Powered Pilot for Supply Chain Transparency
Alyx - the luxe fashion brand founded by erstwhile Lady Gaga creative director and Kanye West collaborator Matthew Williams - is launching an IOTA-based pilot for supply chain transparency.
IOTA to Enter a New Partnership to Track Potentially Fatal Food Allergens With DLT
Non-profit blockchain organization IOTA Foundation has teamed up with digital food safety management firm Primority to track food allergens via blockchain, IOTA tweeted on June 20.
Top 5 Crypto Performers: BSV, TRX, ATOM, MIOTA, ETC, NEXO*
Wealthier nations trade more cryptocurrencies compared to poorer countries, according to research by crypto news outlet The Block.
IOTA Rolls Out Decentralized Transaction Validation to Replace Centralized Version
Internet of Things blockchain network Iota has completed preparations to further decentralize its transaction validation, Cointelegraph Auf Deutsch reported on May 28.
IOTA launches major network upgrade Coordicide, removes centralized network coordinator
The IOTA Foundation announced the launch of Coordicide, a planned protocol upgrade which removes the network's centralized coordinator.
Top 5 Crypto Performers: XEM, XLM, XTZ, BNB, IOTA
After the strong recovery of the past few weeks, this week saw some profit booking at the highs.