Exchange USDT
Price History
Market Cap
4,645,430,769 USD
24h Volume
31,978,778,499 USD
Circulating Supply
4,642,367,414 USDT
Max Supply
4,776,930,644 USDT
Tether Overview
A tether is a cord, fixture, or flexible attachment that anchors something movable to a reference point which may be fixed or moving. There are a number of applications for tethers: balloons, kites, tethered wind-energy conversion systems, anchors, tethered water-flow energy conversion systems, towing, animal constraint, spaceflight, and power-kiting. Tethering is also used to prevent the theft of a computer at a school or library.
Omni And Eth
Consensus Method
Multiple (Depending On Blockchain Used)
Status of Project
Fully Working Product
Coin Age
59 months
Block Processing
Emission Rate
Proportional To Network Activity
Community size
Open Source
Jl Van Der Velde
Craig Sellars
Team Memberes
5 member, 0 developers
Tether News
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Tether Launches Gold-Backed Stablecoin and Begins Trading on Bitfinex
Tether is now supporting a gold-backed stablecoin, Tether Gold, according to a Jan. 23 press release.
Pornhub adds support for Tether following PayPal's ban last year
Pornhub, a leading adult entertainment website, recently began supporting a new cryptocurrency payment method after PayPal ended support for the company's models last year.
Tether announces the launch of Tether Gold, a gold-backed cryptocurrency
Tether, the company behind the biggest stablecoin in the world, has launched Tether Gold, a digital asset providing exposure to physical gold.
Tether Says Its Newest Stablecoin Is Backed by Gold in Swiss Vault
Tether says its new gold-backed stablecoin will be pegged to one ounce of fine gold held in a Swiss vault.
Pornhub Adds Tether Stablecoin as New Crypto Payment Option
Adult entertainment website Pornhub has added a new cryptocurrency payment option after PayPal had abruptly stopped servicing its models in late 2019.
Pornhub Now Lets Models Get Paid With the Tether Stablecoin
Pornhub has added new performer payment options including the tether stablecoin, two months after being apparently dropped by PayPal.
Plaintiffs Combine Their Market-Manipulation Lawsuits Against Bitfinex and Tether
Plaintiffs in three separate putative class action lawsuits against Bitfinex and Tether have moved to consolidate their cases, according to a Thursday court filing.
Tether Claims to Be Okay With Merger of Class-Action Lawsuits Against It
Currently facing multiple lawsuits, cryptocurrency stablecoin issuer Tether received a request from prosecutors asking for consolidation, combining three lawsuits into one, which Tether has not denied.
BTCPay Server Now Processing Blockstream's Liquid Assets
Blockstream's Liquid sidechain is now integrated with BTCPay Server, the self-hosted bitcoin payment processor.
The Race to Lead 3 Class-Action Suits Against IFinex Over 2017 BTC Bull Run Is On
One legal team looks to lead the three ongoing suits against IFinex alleging that illegal conduct involving iFinex's subsidiaries Tether and Bitfinex was behind Bitcoin's 2017 bull run.