Exchange USDT
Price History
Market Cap
2,602,128,730 USD
24h Volume
12,510,615,789 USD
Circulating Supply
2,583,816,411 USDT
Max Supply
2,750,057,493 USDT
Tether Overview
A tether is a cord, fixture, or flexible attachment that anchors something movable to a reference point which may be fixed or moving. There are a number of applications for tethers: balloons, kites, tethered wind-energy conversion systems, anchors, tethered water-flow energy conversion systems, towing, animal constraint, spaceflight, and power-kiting. Tethering is also used to prevent the theft of a computer at a school or library.
Omni And Eth
Consensus Method
Multiple (Depending On Blockchain Used)
Status of Project
Fully Working Product
Coin Age
50 months
Block Processing
Emission Rate
Proportional To Network Activity
Community size
Open Source
Jl Van Der Velde
Craig Sellars
Team Memberes
5 member, 0 developers
Tether News
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Crypto Exchange Poloniex Adds Support for USDT on Tron Blockchain
Major cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex will support Tether's stablecoin USDT coin on the Tron blockchain, according to an announcement published on April 19.United States-based digital currency exchange Poloniex has added support for deposits and withdrawals of USDT on the Tron network.
Stablecoin USDT Launched on Tron Blockchain
Tether has started issuing its stablecoin USDT on the Tron blockchain.
Tether accused of minting almost $400 million in uncollateralized UDST to prop up bitcoin
Tether, the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, has issued over $300 million in USDT during the last week.
TrueUSD Audit Shows Full US Dollar Backing
TrustToken has published the results of an audit of its stablecoin TrueUSD in a blog post on April 8.
Bitfinex Drops Minimum Balance to Trade on Crypto Exchange
Bitfinex has removed its $10,000 minimum equity requirement to start trading on the cryptocurrency exchange, enabling a broader range of investors to participate.
Coinsquare Crypto Exchange Launches Canadian Dollar-Backed Stablecoin
Coinsquare, one of Canada's top crypto exchanges, will be launching a stablecoin backed by the Canadian dollar dubbed eCAD, according to a press release on April 4.The new coin will purportedly be backed at a 1:1 ratio with Canadian dollars.
Tether Daily Transaction Volume Hits All-Time High
Tether, the most used fiat-pegged stablecoin, has hit an all-time high by the number of daily transactions, according to blockchain data provider Coin Metrics.
Fake Volume on Crypto Exchanges Isn't the Half of It
Problematic Exchanges Outside of the 95%. It cannot be disputed there are issues with exchanges reporting fake volumes.
Tether's Lack of Fiat Backing Could be Catastrophic for Bitcoin, Analyzing USDT's Troubling Terms of Service
Tether, the market-leading stablecoin in both market capitalization and controversy, made changes to its legal terms of service that indicate that USDT is not fully backed one-to-one by US dollar reserves.
Changes to Tether's Terms of Reserves Raises Fresh Concerns
Controversial stablecoin Tether is in the spotlight again after changes to the details of the way in which it backs up tokens in supply.