USD Coin

Exchange USDC
Price History
Market Cap
445,191,945 USD
24h Volume
197,018,063 USD
Circulating Supply
441,438,236 USDC
Max Supply
443,781,310 USDC
USD Coin Overview
GSENetwork - The Decentralized Trust Network for Sharing Economies.
Consensus Method
Ethereum Consensus
Status of Project
Demo Only
Coin Age
N/a months
Block Processing
Emission Rate
No New Tokens Created
Community size
Open Source
Team Memberes
18 member, 10 developers
USD Coin News
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Bermuda Now Accepts USDC Crypto for Taxes and Government Services
Residents of Bermuda can now pay their taxes in cryptocurrency.
Bermuda Becomes First Gov't to Accept Tax Payments in USDC Stablecoin
Global financial services company Circle announced that Bermuda became the first government to accept its stablecoin USD Coin for tax payments.
Lending Protocol Founders to Launch 'Neo-Bank' Offering Interest on USDC
The founders of lending protocol Nuo are launching a "Neo-bank" to attract more retail users.
Coinbase to Pay Users 1.25% Interest on USDC Stablecoin Holdings
Starting Wednesday, customers of the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange can earn interest on their holdings of the dollar-pegged stablecoin USDC. The annual percentage yield is 1.25 percent.
Coinbase to Pay US Users Interest for Holding USDC Stablecoin
Major United States-based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service Coinbase now allows holders of USD Coin to earn a 1.25% annual percentage yield.
Coinbase to Invest $2 Million USDC in DeFis Compound and dYdX
Announced Tuesday, the US cryptocurrency exchange is investing 1 million USDC each in lending protocols Compound and dYdX. Called the "USDC Bootstrap Fund," Coinbase says the new fund will support developers by "Investing USDC directly in the protocol."
Coinbase Launches USDC-Based Initiative to Support DeFi Developers
Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has launched the new USDC Bootstrap Fund aimed at the improvement of Decentralized Finance.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Now Supports Stablecoins: TrueUSD, Maker, USD Coin
Following integration with major cryptos, South Korean tech giant Samsung expands the coins supported by the Galaxy S10 device with three stablecoins.
Coinbase Is Using an Ethereum Upgrade to Help Merchants Accept USDC
Coinbase Commerce is putting ethereum's most recent upgrade, Constantinople, to use for thousands of retailers and merchants around the world.
Circle and Coinbase's Centre Seeks to Form Consortium to Promote, Issue USDC
Circle partnered with crypto exchange and wallet company Coinbase to launch a consortium called Centre that will support and develop USD Coin.What is the consortium about?Centre is a membership-based framework and governance scheme with an overall aim of growing and developing the idea of digital money.