Binance.US to list its 21st cryptocurrency, Waves

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US, the US-based arm of crypto exchange giant Binance, has continued its aggressive listing policy announcing it will be adding support for the native token of the Waves smart contract platform, WAVES, on the 29th of October.

According to a blog post by the San Francisco-registered firm, users can now start depositing Waves on Binance.

US in preparation for trading against USD, which will open at 9pm Eastern Standard Time.

Waves would be one of the lesser-known smart contract platforms, yet the open-source project has seen consistent development efforts since its 2016 Initial Coin Offering-with more than 102 releases of its "Leased Proof of Stake" protocol listed on GitHub.

The Binance listing comes days after Waves unveiled plans to build an "Interchain Protocol" that will eventually make the platform interoperable with Ethereum, along with adding sharding and sidechains for increased throughput.

US has expanded its asset base at a frantic pace-with the addition of WAVES the platform will have listed 21 cryptocurrencies in a little over a month.

As reported previously by CryptoSlate, the firm's aggressive listing policy is likely part of a broader strategy to dominate the US market.

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