Bitflyer Donates Cheezy Pies to Shelters In Honor of BTC Pizza Day

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Taking advantage of a memorable day in cryptocurrency history, BitFlyer decided to donate pizzas to folks in need.

Bitcoin Pizza Day commemorates a historic event roughly 10 years ago, when coder Laszlo Hanyecz made the first commercial purchase using Bitcoin.

In celebration of this well-loved community holiday, BitFlyer donated pizzas to a number of organizations.

"We ordered the pizzas ourselves from a local chain and delivered them to the homeless shelters," BitFlyer COO Joel Edgerton told Cointelegraph on May 22.

"Bitcoin Pizza Day is a very special day for our community," BitFlyer USA said in a May 22 Tweet.

BitFlyer listed outfits such as Raphael House - an organization helping victims of domestic violence, as well as Compass Family Services - a non-profit assisting homeless families.

BitFlyer chose in favor of supporting local San Francisco Bay Area pizza shops with its pie purchases destined for donation, Edgerton said.

Although the famous day stemmed from a Bitcoin pizza purchase, BitFlyer chose not to use BTC to pay for the cheese and pepperoni pizzas the exchange bought and donated.

Roughly one year after Bitcoin's launch in 2009, Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas at Papa John's.

At the time of the purchase, 10,000 BTC valued approximately $41. In today's dollars, 10,000 BTC values about $92.5 million.