Cardano's Shelly testnet has ten times more staking pools than EOS and Tron

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Cardano celebrated the launch of the Shelley incentivized testnet, as it debuted with hundreds of pools and over 2.6 billion ADA staked.

The testnet currently has 281 staking pools, which is 10 times more than EOS's 21 and Tron's 26.Incentivized testnet shows promising results for Cardano.

According to IOHK, less than 24 hours after the staking pool setup was enabled on the incentivized testnet, more than 120 pools were onboarded.

That number more than doubled since Dec. 15, as data from ADAPools has shown that there are 281 staking pools at press time.

Cardano beats Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and Tron by number of staking pools and rewards.

According to a tweet from Cardanians, a community-led Cardano news outlet, the Shelley incentivized testnet boasts 10 times more staking pools than both EOS and Tron.

According to data from PoolTool, there is currently more than 2.6 billion ADA staked on the incentivized testnet for Shelley.

Cardano could surpass some of its competitors with its hefty staking rewards.

Delegating the same amount of ADA, while retaining 1 percent of the total stake in the pool and taking 10 percent of the rewards as an operator, could earn the pool more than 90 percent of its stake annually.

As the testnet progresses, the ranking of the staking pools won't be based solely on their performance, as it will transition to a desirability-based ranking.