Chainlink oracles to power NFT-based blockchain games on Polyient

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Chainlink's technological capabilities are in-demand this year, with its blockchain seeing increased adoption this year courtesy its scalable smart contracts, oracles, and verifiable randomness function features.

On June 29, the firm said Polyient Games, a venture fund and development lab dedicated solely to non-fungible token-based blockchain games, will use Chainlink's blockchain to power various features of the broader Polyient Games ecosystem.

Chainlink's VRFs will feature on Polyient's Founder's Keys, an upcoming membership NFT that will provide lifetime rewards and perks to holders within the Polyient Games Ecosystem.

VRFs will be used to randomize the distribution of exclusive NFTs and various other rewards for PGFK holders, the release noted.

On choosing Chainlink, Polyient said the project's "Deep industry expertise" made it ideal to as the firm explores capabilities of and works towards bolstering NFTs for mainstream investors and consumers.

Earlier this month, Chainlink was recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of the top-50 tech pioneers in 2020 for the firm's work in blockchains, smart contracts, and decentralization.

The release explained Chainlink VRFs will power chance-based rewards for users who "Stack" on PGFKs, based on the amount of NFTs held in their respective wallets.

Chainlink VRF represents a major advancement in the NFT space, as it enables a provably-fair and on-chain verifiable source of randomness, noted Polyient's release.

In the coming weeks, Polyient will explore more uses for Chainlink capabilities, all centered around the games it supports and native products.

"We're excited to empower Polyient Games with secure and reliable oracle solutions to further their mission of expanding the blockchain gaming ecosystem into numerous unseen application designs that are augmented by access to off-chain data."