China: Chainlink-adoptee national blockchain project goes live; 135 public nodes running

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The Zhejiang district in China has laid the foundation for the Blockchain Service Network, the country's ambitious nationwide blockchain project, as per local reports this week.

For starters; 135 public nodes are reportedly active in the province - affirming to China's broader Five-Year-Plan that heavily features blockchain technology.

Said Monday the first provincial blockchain "Backbone" was launched over the weekend, in an event attended by Chinese diplomats, think-tanks, and a prominent media organization.

Hangzhou Mobile is one of the partners, indicating there are will be some telecommunication-centric blockchain services.

Touted as the "Blockchain internet," the backbone is part of the Blockchain Service Network; a major Chinese project that aims to bring internet-enabled blockchain services to the general population.

BSN has established public city nodes in more than 100 cities across China and is the world's largest blockchain infrastructure network, in terms of a government-backed project.

A singular public blockchain will function as the focal point for the BSN, while organizations, entrepreneurs, and developers build on the protocol.

Some promised features include cross-cloud connectivity, cross-layer framework, and cross-portal blockchain service capabilities.

"Zhejiang Province will become an important milestone in the development of blockchain technology and a model benchmark for the construction and operation of provincial backbone networks in the future."

China continues to shun Bitcoin and other crypto-assets while embracing public blockchains.