Craig Wright Continues to Chase His Critics as Major Crypto Platforms Boycott His Cryptocurrency, BSV

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One of the world's largest cryptocurrencies, decided to delist BSV amid Wright's campaign to deanonymize one of his critics, other major platforms - including ShapeShift and Kraken - followed suit.

While Craig Wright has repeatedly claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, much of the cryptocurrency community seems skeptical about those statements, widely referring to Wright as "Faketoshi." Back in December 2015, Wired and Gizmodo reported that the Australian computer scientist might be the creator of bitcoin, but a substantial part of the evidence presented in the reports - both of which cited an anonymous source who had contacted them voluntarily - was soon proved false.

Binance, ShapeShit, Kraken and other platforms have delisted BSV. The situation escalated on April 11, when Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binace - currently the world's fourth-largest crypto exchange by adjusted daily trade volume - warned that he would delist BSV if the creator of the altcoin - i.e., Craig Wright - does not correct his behavior.

Other crypto platforms took a slightly different approach, letting their users decide whether to delist or keep BSV via Twitter polls.

Do you think we should #DelistBSV? $BSV #BSV". Similarly, major United States crypto exchange Kraken has decided to delist BSV following the results of a Twitter poll. In the official press release, the platform said that BSV had"engaged in behavior completely antithetical to everything we at Kraken and the wider crypto community stands for.

"The delisting decision is driven by personal dislike of Craig Wright and retaliation for steps Craig has taken to pursue personal legal rights against people he believes are defaming him," Nguyen said.

Alternative measures: Some platforms kept BSV or even delisted BCH instead for political reasons.

Some crypto platforms deliberately chose not to follow suit and left BSV on their platforms.

Thus, on April 16, OKEx, a massive cryptocurrency exchange that is currently ranked the number one exchange on CoinMarketCap based on adjusted trading volume, announced that it decided not to delist Wright's controversial cryptocurrency after conducting "a rigorous review on BSV in terms of technology development, liquidity, and compliance.

"According to the OKEx Token Delisting and Hiding Guideline, BSV currently does not meet our delisting criteria.