Dash Merchant Venezuela Team Issues Response to Embezzlement Accusations

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Eugenia Alcalá, the CEO of Dash Venezuela, issued a statement following embezzlement accusations.

Dash Merchant Venezuela, the team tasked with increasing adoption of the Dash cryptocurrency in the country, has faced accusations of embezzlement and manipulation from its community.

The accusations stem from Dash Watch, a website ran by other Dash enthusiasts.

"Yes, these young and inexperienced guys made a mistake of judgement to try and protect themselves from further attacks. Not just physical attack in Venezuela but also attacks from a small group of individual hell bent on destroying their project work and DASH Watch who ran an extremely in-depth detailed analysis of every aspect of only the financial's of this project that had the Dash merchant team working full time 7 whole days to provide all the details that DASH Watch wanted."

Overall, the vote to fund the team's "Dash Merchant Venezuela 5000 Merchants" proposal is contentious, with 390 yes votes, 394 no votes, and 76 abstentions so far.

The Venezuela team was quick to address the issue, apologizing for the false information they provided.

"We deeply regret the new difficulties facing the Dash Merchant team, whom we consider talented people. We are sure that they will be able to respond to the concerns of the entire community," the company said in the statement.

The statement cited the example of users impersonating the identity of Eugenia Alcalá, the CEO of Dash Venezuela.

Last year's performance allegedly shows that Dash is on its way to turning Venezuela in the first "Crypto nation" in the world.

The team at Dash Venezuela reportedly gave over 100 interviews both to local and international media outlets, a testament to the increasing adoption of the coin.