Dinner is served: Here's what DeFi's food-meme tokens bring to the table

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Let's explore some of the most popular meme tokens that have hit the market.

With SushiSwap, anyone can participate, and investors can add their tokens into the liquidity pool to earn interest.

The token economics for its native token, SUSHI, are quite interesting, as 10% of its tokens were allocated to developers.

Chef Nomi, the creator of SushiSwap, dumped all the tokens from the developer pool, worth around $13 million at the time, and later moved to distance themself from the project.

BAKE tokens will be gradually released to liquidity pools, following their respective reward multiplier.

Jay OKEX CEO September 15, 2020 Pizza/PIZZA. Pizza is an EOS-based DeFi network that allows users to put their EOS tokens up as collateral to generate a stablecoin called USDE that is pegged to the U.S. dollar.

The tokens are quite similar to SUSHI, where liquidity providers deposit Uniswap liquidity tokens to earn HOTDOG tokens.

The idea is that liquidity providers are rewarded with 100% community-owned tokens.

Following the recent Bithumb raid that sunk the whole crypto market, KIMCHI experienced a 67% drop from $6 to around $1.90.Meme/MEME. Although not food-related, MEME is very much a quintessential meme token.

There's no denying that the above tokens have taken the whole crypto space by storm, mainly because of the quick succession in which they were introduced.