Facebook's Libra sparks privacy concerns while Monero, Zcash, Zcoin and Grin surge

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Monero is sitting at a pivotal point based on the 3-day chart.

A bearish divergence can be spotted on the 12-hour chart since the price of Monero has been reaching higher highs while the Relative Strength Index has been making new lows.

Zcash recently broken above the $100 milestone to reach a new yearly high of $115.5.

Based on the 3-day chart, ZEC climbed above the upper Bollinger Band, which could act as a support for the following days as it reaches higher highs.

Zcash appears to be trading around the $108 support level on the 1-day chart.

Breaking below the current level of support could set ZEC back to $98. A spinning top candlestick formed on Zcash 12-hour chart.

Zcoin is once again testing the 160,000 satoshis level of resistance based on the 1-day chart.

The amount of time XZC has been trading between the 130,000 satoshis support and the 160,000 satoshis resistance may indicate a retrace to the support level before breaking above resistance.

Now, a hanging man candlestick pattern is forming on the 3-day chart.

The support given by the 7-twelve-hour moving average on the 12-hour chart appears to be losing its strength and could no longer hold the price of GRIN. If this cryptocurrency moves below the 7-twelve-hour MA, it could try to test the next support levels that are given by the 30 and the 50-twelve-hour MA.Overall Sentiment.