Freelancing Is Broken. This Blockchain Start-Up Wants to Fix It

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A new startup wants to change the way freelance talent and respective clients find each other through a community-run platform.

The core premise of the platform, known as Braintrust, is to remove middlemen from the process of hiring highly skilled talent for contract and freelance work - primarily in the IT industry.

Unlike the many iterations of this concept born in the initial coin offering era, Braintrust will not force users into a proprietary token for payments.

The Braintrust token, or BTRUST, only has governance functionality.

Its holders are able to vote on key aspects of the platform: what kind of clients and talent to accept, what features to develop, how much the platform should charge.

"This new model I'm describing actually isn't possible without a token. The token, [and] the blockchain facilitates replacing the middleman."

Braintrust is reusing a fork of Compound's governance code to power its own systems.

The platform's users will earn the token by contributing to it, for example by evaluating new candidates.

Unlike some DeFi protocols though, it appears that the platform's revenue will not be distributed to token holders.

Jackson did not wish to go into detail about the token economics, though he promised that it will be explained as Braintrust approaches launch at the end of the year.