In Defense of Justin Sun

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To many, Justin and TRON epitomize a class of useless altcoins - superficial marketers perverting crypto's "True" purpose.

There are oft-repeated claims that Justin and his team plagiarized their white paper and that TRON has no value as a technology.

TRON currently hovers around a $1.3 billion market cap, already acquired BitTorrent and Steemit, and Justin and friends recently palled around with Warren Buffet.

When you approach the spectacle of TRON and Justin Sun with a traditional financial lens, you start to see that maybe all the flack TRON receives points to something else - an industry lost in theoretical achievements to the detriment of practical ones.

Prior to starting TRON, Justin worked as the head of Ripple in China.

So then why the TRON disdain and epithets? Like many altcoins, TRON is a money-making initiative often posing as a technical product.

The language of things like Web3, Layer 2 solutions, and Oracles speaks to long-time crypto buyers and helps TRON to market itself adeptly.

Viewed through the lens of traditional finance, TRON is acting pretty predictably.

Justin is leading TRON as a for-profit business pretty well.

The emergence of TRON in highly competitive Asian markets is commendable.