Investors Dollar-Cost Averaging Bitcoin Since 2017 Made a 61.8% Return

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Researchers at Coin Metrics found that investors who dollar-cost averaged into Bitcoin since the $20,000 peak in 2017 would still be profitable.

Although the price of Bitcoin fell significantly from $20,000, there were extreme low points in 2019 and 2020.

"Despite Bitcoin still trading 30% below ATHs, dollar cost averaging from the peak of the market in Dec 2017 would have return [sic] 61.8%, or 20.1% annually. Similarly for Ethereum, dollar cost averaging from Jan 2018 would have return [sic] 87.6%, or 27.9% annually."

Data shows the resilience of BitcoinIn Bitcoin's early days, the high-profile investors and financial institutions doubted its survivability.

Over time, as the price of Bitcoin has recovered strongly from extreme corrections to $3,150 and $3,600, investor sentiment changed.

In June, JPMorgan, whose CEO publicly criticized Bitcoin in 2018, said the top cryptocurrency has staying power.

As billionaire investor and hedge fund legend Paul Tudor Jones said, Bitcoin strengthens each day it survives.

The longevity, staying power, and resilience of Bitcoin have allowed the digital asset to recover fairly quickly from large pullbacks.

Realized cap or price attempts to discover the price every investor bought Bitcoin at historically.

The record-high realized price of Bitcoin indicates that the number of addresses that bought BTC at higher prices increased.