IOHK Opens Cardano Research Lab at University of Wyoming Following $500K Donation

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The Cardano blockchain's lead development firm has established a research center at the University of Wyoming after making a $500,000 donation in the ADA cryptocurrency.

IOHK announced Friday its new research and authentication center would form part of UW's Blockchain Research and Development Lab and would promote the company's academic approach to blockchain development and engineering.

IOHK's butterfly logo will be added to the research lab, which will be at the center for IOHK's future work with the livestock traceability platform BeefChain, according to Hoskinson.

As part of its collaboration with UW, IOHK has also provided a $500,000 grant in ADA to fund research and development into new blockchain applications, including new traceability tools and supply chain management.

The state of Wyoming is expected to match the dollar value of the grant, meaning UW will receive $1 million worth of initial funding for the new blockchain facility, a university spokesperson confirmed to CoinDesk.

"The University of Wyoming is proud to be at the forefront of blockchain research and education, and we are grateful for this significant financial contribution from IOHK," said UW acting president Neal Theobald.

UW is the fourth academic institution to host an IOHK blockchain lab.

The company has centers attached to the University of Edinburgh, the University of Athens and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Although IOHK has collaborated with academics at the University of Connecticut and Virginia Commonwealth University, UW will be the first American campus to be fully affiliated with the company.

An IOHK spokesperson said the company was not at the stage where it knows how many people will be employed at the UW research center or when the center will be fully operational.