Law Decoded: Big Tech, Central Banks and the Hunt for Monopolies, July 24-31

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Every Friday, Law Decoded delivers analysis on the week's critical stories in the realms of policy, regulation and law.

The concept of monopoly will reign in today's Law Decoded.

A secondary principle is decentralization, and in this way, blockchain technology seems inherently opposed to monopolies.

This week saw antitrust conflict between paeons of big tech and government.

Governments take Big Tech to task for antitrust practices.

CEOs for the four horsemen of U.S. tech - Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook - appeared virtually before Congress on Wednesday to face accusations of functionally acting as monopolies.

Many of these tech giants are entrenched enough that they may be getting too big to fail.

Maybe central bank monopolies next?

The Bank of England tapped Accenture to update technology for the U.K.'s payments system - not explicitly referring to a CBDC, but Accenture is deeply involved in the development of CBDCs around the world, including the digital dollar.

The American Enterprise Institute's visiting crypto expert, Jim Harper, talks digital dollars and new payments systems.