London-based Project Uses Microsoft Architecture to Make Blockchain Easier for Developers

Published on by Cointele | Published on

On Dec. 19, the London-based company Stratis revealed to the public its project that includes sidechains, smart contracts, an ICO and STO platform, and distributed ledger technology, which simplifies transaction processing.

The technology leverages the recently released Stratis C# Full Node, the company's innovative software, whose codebase is built on the Microsoft.

NET. Stratis recently became a member of the Microsoft Partnership Network, with silver competency as an ISV. The platform is written in the C# programming language, as the company reports on its blog.

"Our recent deliveries of smart contracts and sidechains are very innovative, I believe we're the first platform to have Turing-complete smart contracts in C#," Chris Trew, Stratis CEO and founder, commented to Cointelegraph.

The Stratis team believes that migrating to a C#-based implementation will not only improve the performance of the underlying blockchain but also ease the work of third-party developers.

The developers building on top of Stratis have the full suite of tools available in C#/.NET development at their disposal.

It's the first time that any smart contracts can be developed, compiled, debugged and unit tested all in Visual Studio without any external tools, Stratis says.

The company's focused not only on issuing its own tokens but also at creating tokens for other startups, by means of the blockchain and smart contracts that enable digitally enforced commitments between blockchain participants.

As one author noticed, the Stratis team provides a functional token contract that corresponds to the ERC-20 standard, written completely in C# and executed on-chain.

Along with the ICO Product, which is ready to use and available for anyone to utilize via the Azure Marketplace, another one of Stratis' primary line of business is consultancy for its ICO Platform as well.