Monero's Hashrate Experienced Its Largest Single Day Gains Ever

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Monero has experienced its biggest single day gain in hashrate since its creation back in 2014.

Listen to article August 6, Monero has experienced its biggest increase in hashrate since the network's creation in 2014.

That 0.52 GH/s single day gain is the highest in the project's history.

Prior to this, most significant daily percentage gains came in the project's early days when the base was much smaller.

Banks should embrace privacy coins to protect their clients.

It is unclear what has led to this explosion in Monero hashing power.

In a world where many feel that they are becoming subject to an ever-increasing level of surveillance, Monero may simply present a unique value proposition.

A number of recent reports have indicated that Monero remains the best major privacy-preserving cryptocurrency.

Whereas other privacy coins like Dash and Zcash can be traced with relative ease, Monero presents more of a challenge.

Monero trails only Bitcoin in its adoption rate amongst Dark Web dealers, for whom the privacy-preserving features of crypto are sometimes quite literally a matter of life and death.