New Exchange to Offer Customizable Dashboards

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ProBit says its platform is "Fast, robust and reliable" - helping to give its users an upper hand while trading.

ProBit aims to remedy this problem through a modular dashboard - meaning that the layout can be personalized around the needs and interests of a trader.

Through ProBit, "a wide array of the most trusted coins and tokens on the market" can be traded - and the company says that more than 150 cryptocurrencies will be available.

Five of them - Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, EOS and the native ProBit token among them - serve as "Base currencies."

Customizable user interface for traders of all levelsAccording to ProBit, many of the exchanges out there at the moment are failing to hit the sweet spot when it comes to attracting users from all backgrounds.

Although some platforms do enable traders to toggle between basic and advanced modes, the ProBit says this just means that every user is not getting what they fully need.

Of course, using a crypto exchange for the first time can be a daunting experience - and this is why ProBit offers an array of preset layouts for new users.

The main sale of ProBit tokens - known as PROB - is taking place on Dec. 3, 2018 and will last for only one day.

Its team adds that they are not going to charge listing fees for projects to be traded on ProBit for three reasons: to protect users, because it amounts to a conflict of interest and because it enables them to be selective.

Ronald Chan, the director of partnership for ProBit, shared that projects from around the world have submitted themselves for listing on ProBit because of the co-marketing campaign that ProBit and crypto projects will conduct together.