OKCoin Exchange Awards Grant to One of Bitcoin Core's Most Active Developers

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Announced Thursday, exchange OKCoin is awarding its largest individual grant so far to Bitcoin Core maintainer Marco Falke, the second-most prolific contributor to Bitcoin Core in the software's history.

His work helps to ensure that changes to Bitcoin Core are merged, helps to organize developers that are spread out over the globe, and runs tests to ensure the code is working properly, among other tasks.

When asked about his personal accomplishments, Falke emphasized that Bitcoin Core is a team effort, with developers from around the world making it what it is.

"I am proud to see what Bitcoin Core is today and how everyone's contributions shaped Bitcoin Core for the future," Falke told CoinDesk.

Falke is one of a handful of Bitcoin Core maintainers.

Many Bitcoin Core developers are working on the code at the same time.

Fleeing COVID-19.One reason Falke is happy to be receiving this grant is that he is leaving Chaincode, a startup in New York City that funds developers and researchers dedicated to improving Bitcoin.

The sliver of a silver lining is that 2020 has been the best ever in terms of funding developers tinkering to make bitcoin better after a long dearth of funding.

Many open source Bitcoin developers work on the code as a side project, essentially improving the digital currency for free, despite their contributions helping everyone in the industry, including the companies profiting from it.

OKCoin has awarded a number of grants this summer, including to Bitcoin Core contributor Amiti Uttarwar and to open-source payment processor BTCPay.