OKCoin's Fourth Developer Grant Recipient Brings Total Grants to Over $500K

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Crypto exchange OKCoin has continued to support Bitcoin Core developers with a fourth grant being awarded to Bitcoin's most active contributor since 2017, Marco Falke for an undisclosed six-figure sum.

This grant brings the total amount provided as part of the company's Independent Developer Grant to over $500,000.

Crucial developmentThis grant will allow Falke to focus on modularizing the Bitcoin Core code, ensuring that the code is clearly segmented in order for developers to have a targeted focus.

This grant is instrumental in his work having an ongoing impact on the Bitcoin community as a whole.

One of the future plans Falkes is working towards is the critical switch of Bitcoin code to C++17.

"In two major releases we plan to switch to C++17, which allows us to drop library dependencies in which we have identified bugs" he explained, stating that "Without the OKCoin grant, this would not be possible".

The grant's previous recipients include Bitcoin payment processor BTCPay and individual contributors Fabian Jahr and Amiti Uttarwar.

Past grant money has been used to support recent developments in user experience for BTCPay Server , improvements to the UTXO set, and functional test framework.

"Our grant recipients don't work for us or the exchange business - they stay on their own open source course. But we are very open to funding and/or contributing our own resources for larger projects that help the crypto industry as a whole."

Grant recipients are not locked in an exclusive contract with OKCoin, she went on to say, suggesting that "The more companies funding developers the better and it is really exciting that we are seeing more and more crypto companies provide grants to Bitcoin devs in 2020.".