Second largest company in Japan introduces a crypto wallet debit card

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A Japanese telecom and internet company, released the SBC Wallet Card.

This a card that incorporates multiple features, including its encryption system and a cryptocurrency wallet.

On Dec. 1, Softbank announced in a press release the official launch of its SBC Wallet Cards.

The new card has all the basic features of a common bank card.

SBC Wallet Cards provide better security and access than traditional wallets by relying on Softbank's encryption system.

The battery-powered card also integrates Softbank's Internet of Things chips that enable it to connect with smart home appliances.

SBC noted that this is the "First time that the Softbank card technology has come into life." Users would be able to control their smart home devices using the card by " by password, lender, debit, credit payment, etc.

Softbank Card 3.0 can be managed through different bottoms on the card and a mobile application.

With these, users can switch between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies as well as handle their electronic payments and credit card functions.

Over 10,000 stores in Japan support the SBC Wallet Cards.