Storming the Gates: How 'Crypto Davos' Became a Thing

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CoinDesk will be on the ground in Davos from Jan. 20-24 chronicling all things crypto at the premier gathering of the world's economic and political elite.

Crypto pioneers set up shop with Davos side events four or five years ago.

Just as bitcoin and ethereum began as organic grassroots initiatives, Crypto Davos grew mainly by group chats and word of mouth.

Many crypto people who attend Davos never step foot inside the main event and do not hold a coveted "White badge." Instead, they hang out on the Promenade and participate in a myriad of panels, networking events and meetings, mixed with late-night partying and bonding.

Seeing rock stars, actors, CEOs, billionaires, social-impact entrepreneurs and developers together is not unusual at Crypto Davos.

So why did a bunch of crypto people start coming to Davos in the first place? Switzerland's crypto-friendly environment partially explains the attraction.

Crypto Davos, despite its outsider status, has influenced and changed the course of mainstream Davos.

Crypto Davos has profoundly influenced the interest and growth of digital assets and blockchain technology among some of the most elite institutions, governments and world leaders.

The key for Crypto Davos is to keep influencing and building bridges with the establishment to yield the societal change we want.

The same holds true at Davos: Crypto Davos can improve and scale with the resources of large institutions; Establishment Davos can reimagine business models and government services to create a more equitable and functional society.