Swiss Post, Swisscom Developing New Blockchain Platform on Hyperledger

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Swiss Post, the country's national postal service, and state-owned telecoms provider Swisscom have united to develop a blockchain platform.

Thursday that they are using Hyperledger Fabric to build their "Simple, secure and sustainable" private blockchain infrastructure, intended to be utilized by their own, as well as other companies', applications.

"In contrast to"public blockchains", this private blockchain infrastructure requires much less energy, since it can only be used by identified users who have a contractual relationship with the providers of an application.

The first pilot blockchain apps are scheduled for launch in Q2 2019, with use cases said to be focusing on corporates and government agencies desiring to digitize business processes in a "Secure and verified" manner.

Swiss Post and Swisscom also said they are open to accepting other partners to join them on the project.

The two companies are already using blockchain technology for several use cases.

Swiss Post's financial services unit PostFinance launched.

A pilot project in May that provides smart energy billing via blockchain.

It also stores temperature data on a blockchain for monitoring pharmaceuticals in transit.

With its subsidiary, Daura AG, on a blockchain system that facilitates the issuance, purchase and sale of shares.