Terra Signs Music Streaming Platform to Crypto Payments Alliance

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Terra has added another partner to its payment provider alliance.

The Singapore-based, South Korean-focused blockchain provider and stable coin issuer has agreed to work with Bugs, a South Korean music streaming service.

Bugs is the latest addition to the Terra Alliance, a group of ecommerce companies for which Terra provides payment services.

Terra now has 25 partners in the grouping, including some of the largest ecommerce players in the region, and has ambitions to become the PayPal of Asia or even the next Alipay.

The latest partnership will allow Bugs customers to pay for their song purchases using Terra.

The company says that the arrangement is the first of its kind between a major music streaming service and a blockchain payments platform.

The arrangement between Bugs and Terra will utilize CHAI, a Korean payments solution provider that has a mobile app for completing transactions.

CHAI will be the public face, while Terra will provide the backend blockchain technologies.

"The value chain for payments is convoluted," said Daniel Shin, co-founder of Terra.

The relationship with CHAI is central to Terra's strategy, as is the Alliance the company is building.