The Blockchain Approach to Customer Relationship Management

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Customer relationship management, or CRM, enables just that by helping a business engage meaningfully with its customers, improving profitability while lowering costs.

Inaccurate, incomplete customer data as a result of complex implementations.

An average company in the United States ?believes? that up to 25% of its entered data is inaccurate, creating customer misinformation rather than customer insights.

New CRM system architecture for a more complete picture of the customer journeyThe solution to generating a true customer profile isn't one-dimensional.

It takes an entire revamp of all customer data touchpoints - from making it easy to enter, access and analyze data to being able to securely share that data and collaborate across businesses and industries.

Overcoming the sluggish pace and prohibitive pricing of traditional CRM technology as well as adapting to shifting market trends and customer needs requires a new infrastructure for delivering and connecting data and services - blockchain can be that solution.

Vision? is currently giving businesses access to real-time customer insights via their ION IoT sensors that capture granular data such as footfall per department and time spent in a specific section of the store.

Coupled with its Neuron AI, a real-time analytics engine, the company is leveraging blockchain to create a platform where businesses can access the most relevant data to drive a truly customer-focused campaign.

To help connect all of these ecosystems and more, Cere Network has extensively restructured its CRM platform by creating a network allowing interoperability between all business partners and vendors for collaborating on relevant, accurate customer data, from which real insights can be extracted, all at a far lower price point.

As the leading industry solution, for which progressive projects are beginning to reshape customer relationship management through blockchain, the real value of CRM will begin to unlock.