The Cardano Foundation's achievements could pay off as ADA turns bullish

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The Cardano Foundation shared the goals it achieved during 2019, which could pave the way for ADA's price action this year.

In a recent blog post, the Cardano Foundation revealed that 2019 was a "Transformational" year for the non-profit organization as well as for the development of its native cryptocurrency ADA. The Foundation's team expanded to more than 20 people across 12 countries including Canada, China, Germany, Japan, and Portugal.

Pushing the growth of the Cardano community to more than 1.1 million individuals worldwide.

Nathan Kaiser, chairperson at the Foundation, said that last year was all about getting the Foundation "Back on track" and operating within a "Robust sustainable framework."

Kaiser added that some of the greatest achievements of 2019 were the strategic partnerships that the Foundation scored to expand the utility of ADA. The firm teamed up with Konfidio, a Berlin-based blockchain venture studio, to increase Cardano's use cases ranging from "Supply chain and logistics, IoT to identity management." In addition, the collaboration with COTI, an enterprise-grade fintech platform, was essential for the release of AdaPay.

According to Kaiser, this year will bring even more opportunities for the Foundation.

As the Cardano Foundation prepares for a "Very busy 2020," ADA could be on the cusp of a major bullish impulse.

Along the same lines, the bullish impulse seen in the last few days took the moving averages to form a golden cross on ADA's 1-day chart.

The different partnerships that the Cardano Foundation achieved in 2019 could begin to pay off soon.

According to the non-profit organization, 2020 will be even more "Transformational" since the focus will be directed at expanding the utility of ADA. From a technical perspective, it seems like this cryptocurrency will indeed benefit from the accomplishments made last year as it begins to turn bullish.