Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, TRON, Bitcoin SV, DASH

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Before the rally began, Bitcoin Cash's price was overtaken by Ethereum for the first time ever, which shows the kind of damage the bear market and the hard fork had on it.

If the bears again pounce and sink the price below the 20-day EMA, it can slump back to the lows.

From its peak, the price fell to $0.2051 on Dec. 7, where buying emerged.

Though the price has rebounded about 77 percent from the lows, at the current price it is still down roughly 94 percent from the highs.

Will the growing numbers result in a higher price? Let's find out by studying the pair's weekly chart.

The bears could not capitalize on the breakdown and push the price lower.

Aggressive buying at lower levels has pushed the price back into the range.

The subsequent recovery of both cryptocurrencies saw Bitcoin Cash surge ahead. Will Bitcoin SV play catch up, or have their performances diverged? Let's find out.

The subsequent rally has carried the price back to the top of the range.

If the price stays above $100, the bulls are likely to break out of the range once again.