US Intelligence Officials Are Funding Research on Dollar-Crushing 'Black Swan' Events

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RESEARCH ME: The Office of the Director of National Intelligence wants to learn more about "Black swan" events that would sink the U.S. dollar.

The U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence wants to sponsor a post-doc researcher to study what would happen if the U.S. dollar lost its status as the world's reserve currency.

The deadline to apply is Feb. 28.The agency said the research - the first of its kind for the intelligence community's post-doc program - could help the U.S. prepare for "Black swan" events that would threaten the dominance of the dollar.

According to intelligence officials familiar with the matter, the research would be shared broadly within the intelligence community.

While officials wouldn't attribute the study's initiation to any one event or trend, the post-doc researcher listing does cite predictions from "Cryptocurrency enthusiasts" that a global cryptocurrency or national digital currency could undermine the U.S. dollar, and mentions the growing economies of China and India.

"The U.S. should prepare to identify potential 'black swan' events that could revolutionize the financial playing field in ways we do not yet understand - presenting strategic surprise - and understand root causes and driving factors that are particularly sensitive to certain global or technical events."

The research is unclassified and the researcher doesn't receive any special clearances, but researchers will receive ODNI's sponsorship, funding and access to IT including advanced computing, the officials said.

The agency also wouldn't control the researcher's work but would check in periodically to make sure the agency understands it.

The agency is looking for a researcher who will apply statistics, artificial intelligence and deep learning to historical "Black swan" events and possible future scenarios.

The listing suggests the researcher might then look for what the most-likely scenarios are and in what timeframes they could unfold.