Vast Potential, but Projects Are Kept Secret

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"Yes, potentially. Digital technologies have been transforming warfare since the 1990's so emerging technologies such as blockchain have the potential to define the war industry over the coming decades. Data and data sharing will be critical for warfare in the future, particularly with the development of artificial intelligence."

The Department of Defense, and other U.S. security agencies, still doesn't appear to have a clear, integrated strategy for incorporating blockchain into their operations, though use cases appear to be emerging piecemeal.

ChinaAccording to Deloitte's 2019 Insight Global Blockchain Survey, China - more than any other country - will use blockchain "Strategically instead of tactically," according to Paul Sin, consulting partner at Deloitte Advisory.

34% of Chinese respondents in the 2019 survey strongly believe in the disruptive potential of blockchain, more than most countries in the survey.

Russia More than two years ago, the Russian news service Tass announced that blockchain technology might soon be introduced into the Russian military, but noted: "We should be cautious when approaching new technologies, study them in detail because they always carry not only new advantages but also new unknown risks and threats."

South Korea In April, South Korea's defense department announced a blockchain pilot program to prevent external tampering with its military supply chain.

"The history of the entire process from bidding, evaluation, and results for defense improvement projects will be recorded on the blockchain, enabling more transparent management of the company selection process."

United StatesThe U.S. Department of Defense - somewhat belatedly, perhaps - is recognizing the benefits of blockchain technology for national defense, noting in its July Digital Modernization Strategy 2019 report that its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, will study the technology.

"DARPA is starting to experiment with blockchain to create a more efficient, robust, and secure platform using a blockchain protocol that will allow personnel from anywhere to transmit secure messages or process transactions that can be traced through numerous channels of a decentralized ledger."

According to C4ISRNET: Media for the Intelligence Age Military, such a request is "Almost an indictment of the technology itself. If DARPA can't figure out a responsible, value-generating use for blockchain, who can?".