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Seoul Mayor Proposes Blockchain Incubation Center in Re-Election Pitch
The mayor of the South Korean capital Seoul has pledged increased support for blockchain development as he pitches for re-election in June.
Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Coincheck Sees U.S. as a Key to a Comeback
In January of 2018, Coincheck, Japan's largest crypto exchange joined the list of exchanges compromised by a devastating hack.
Failed Bull Breakout Leaves Bitcoin Eyeing Drop to $8K
Bitcoin's failed bull move on Sunday has left the doors open for the bears to make a comeback.
How the World's Richest Have Sized Things Up
We take a look at four of the five richest people in the world and their take on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.
US: CFTC Seeks to 'Provide Regulatory Clarity' for Listing Virtual Currency Derivatives
The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has issued an advisory statement for listing virtual currency derivative products, according to a CFTC press release published yesterday, May 21.
China State TV: Token Sales Still 'Rampant' After Central Bank Ban
China Central Television, the country's highest-level government mouthpiece, has hit out at domestic initial coin offerings that it says are still "Rampant," despite a 2017 ban.
Blockchain-Driven AI Platform Vows to Solve $500 Billion Issue for the Retail Industry
A platform is combining "Cutting edge" artificial intelligence with the "Immutable reliability" of blockchain to create a system where retailers and manufacturers can predict whether they are overstocking or understocking products - an issue estimated to cost the industry $500 bln a year.
CoinGate to Integrate Lightning Network for Bitcoin
CoinGate has unveiled sandbox testing for Lightning Network, making the Lithuanian payment processor one of the first businesses to integrate the Bitcoin scaling solution.
Bitcoin Brokerage Denies Tezos ICO Involvement in Court Filing
Cryptocurrency brokerage Bitcoin Suisse AG has filed a motion to dismiss its involvement in a class-action lawsuit launched against the Tezos Foundation and other entities, saying it had nothing to do with the startup's 2017 initial coin offering.
Ohio Could Become Next US State to Legally Recognize Blockchain Data
Ohio may become the latest U.S. state to legally recognize smart contracts and records stored on a blockchain, according to a newly proposed law.
Ex-CEO of Visa Takes the Wheel at Crypterium
A former CEO of Visa, Marc O'Brien, has been appointed Chief Executive of Crypterium - a crypto mobile payments solution.
Initial Coin Offerings Are Setting Capital Free. That's Huge
As we grapple with the potential future of crypto-tokens and related developments, Wells' volume - and particularly the way he thought about the future - bears closer consideration.
A Bank In Argentina Is Now Using Bitcoin for Cross-Border Payments
Argentina's Banco Masventas has revealed that starting Monday it will enable customers to send cross-border payments using bitcoin.
Brian Kelly: Bitcoin Cash Could Go Up Following More Use Cases
Brian Kelly, the founder and CEO of BKCM LLC, an investment company focused on cryptocurrencies, came out bullish on Bitcoin Cash on CNBC May 21.On Saturday, BCH miners reportedly had a meeting dedicated to funding for a BCH development fund.
Bank of England Issues Working Paper on Central Bank Digital Currencies
On May 18, the Bank of England released a staff working paper, laying out various scenarios of possible risks and financial stability issues of central bank digital currencies.
0x V2 Update to Support Ethereum ERC-721 Token Swaps
The decentralized exchange protocol, 0x, announced a significant update in the form of V2. With a projected launch of July, the newest version brings some exciting features for trading tokenized assets.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, TRON: Price Analysis, May 21
We had anticipated the start of a new trend once prices broke out of $745 the higher levels attracted selling and prices fell to $637 levels where buying emerged.
New Report Calculates Money Lost to Crypto Scams in Australia Last Year
Australian consumers lost approximately $2.1 mln to cryptocurrency scams last year, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's annual scams report published May 21.The ACCC's analysis reveals that the use of digital currencies as a payment method in scams peaked in the last quarter of 2017.
US and Canadian Securities Regulators Coordinate ICO Probe in 'Operation Cryptosweep'
US and Canadian state and provincial securities regulators have opened probes into potentially fraudulent crypto investment programs in what has been dubbed "Operation Cryptosweep", according to a press release May 21.
Blockchain Streaming Platform To Host Hearthstone Tournament Within Days
A company billing itself as "The world's first decentralized streaming platform for gamers and esports fans" is preparing to host a virtual Hearthstone tournament within the coming days.
Vitalik Buterin Reportedly Pursued By Google, Asked Followers For Opinion In Deleted Poll
Google is apparently trying to recruit Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to join their team, according to a since removed tweet by Buterin, reportedly posted May 20.Buterin posted a since deleted tweet with a screenshot allegedly from a Google recruiter asking if Google "Ma[d]e sense for you now or in the future," along with a poll to the Twitter community over whether or not to take the job.
Taxes On Restricted Crypto And Options Can Be Confusing: Expert Take
All of these raise tax issues, and can be confusing.
Germany's BaFin Visits National Bank of Georgia to Discuss Crypto Regulations
One of the largest financial supervisors in Europe met with the National Bank of Georgia and other members of the finance sector to discuss cryptocurrency regulation, according to a post on the NBG's site May 18.According to the post, a representative from Germany's Federal Financial Supervisory Authority met with members of the NBG, the international financial institutions, private sector, commercial banks, brokers, audit, and legal companies to increase awareness of crypto in the country.
Volatility: The Necessary Evil Of Cryptocurrency And How To Handle It
Part of what has cemented cryptocurrencies on the map since they exploded into the mainstream investor market has been their volatility.
Thai SEC Holds Focus Group to Clarify New Crypto, ICO Regulations
Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission held a focus group on cryptocurrency regulation today, May 21, streamed on Facebook Live.
Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Customer Marketplace
Walmart has filed a patent for a blockchain-based marketplace for reselling purchased products, according to a US Patent and Trademark Office USPTO patent filing from May 17.
Walmart Looks to Blockchain for Retail Product Resales
A new patent application from retail giant Walmart shows how blockchain could be used to augment its digital offerings for consumers.
Australians Lost Over $2 Million to Crypto Scams Last Year
Australian consumers lost more than $2.1 million to cryptocurrency scams in 2017, the country's Competition and Consumer Commission says.
Japan's Largest Bank and Cloud Delivery Giant Akamai Announce Blockchain Payment Network
The Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group has partnered with major U.S.-based cloud delivery platform Akamai Technologies to release a global payment network based on blockchain, Cointelegraph Japan reports today, May 21.
A New Startup Has Zooko and Naval Betting on Better Crypto Contracts
If a series of high-profile vulnerabilities weren't enough to persuade you that today's smart contracts are insecure, a group of computer scientists that have been researching the tech since the 1980s just might.