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DeFi sector's weakness might just make it the ultimate Bitcoin hedge
The DeFi sector has been caught in the throes of a relentless selloff over the past two months, with bulls unable to gain any traction as many of the tokens sink against USD and Bitcoin.
Former Google lawyer joins spate of high-profile attorneys entering crypto
On Friday Coinbase Inc. announced the appointment of former Google Senior Legal Director Milana McCullagh as deputy general counsel for product and commercial legal.
The crypto compliance lie: Sacrificing privacy does not make us safer
In the last month, we've seen the United States Federal Reserve come after BitMEX for failing to identify customers, crypto intelligence firm CipherTrace report that most crypto exchanges are not collecting enough user info, and the so-called "FinCEN Files" demonstrate that even large banks that collect and report vast troves of suspicious transactions are not doing enough to unbank the bad guys.
Catherine Coley: Crypto Is Less Scary Than Halloween
Because it's October, I want to talk about the scariest thing in the crypto world: being tricked by scams.
Happy birthday dear Bitcoin: Crypto's first white paper turns 12
Has it only been a dozen years since Oct. 31, 2008, that Satoshi Nakamoto published a modest nine-page paper describing a new online payments system called "Bitcoin?" Depending on where one stands, that pseudonymous white paper - its author(s) remain unidentified - fostered either a fintech revolution or, as some believe, "The greatest scam in history."
Did Satoshi choose to publish Bitcoin's whitepaper on Halloween as another Easter egg?
Satoshi Nakamoto announced the Bitcoin whitepaper on a cryptography mailing list on Halloween 2008.
China Should Take Part in Creating Global Regulatory Framework for Digital Currency, Xi Says
Oct 31, 2020 at 13:23 UTCUpdated Oct 31, 2020 at 15:08 UTC.Chinese President Jinping Xi said China should proactively participate in creating the international regulatory framework on digital currency.
As crypto lending app Cred suspends withdrawals, Uphold terminates its contract
Crypto lending app Cred purged its services earlier this week amidst allegations of fraud coming to light.
The World Is Never Getting Off Government Stimulus
Oct 31, 2020 at 13:00 UTC.The Breakdown weekly recap looks at bitcoin buying by Iran, JPM Coin and the latest round of lockdowns coming to Europe.
Bitcoin price hits $14,000 exactly 12 years after whitepaper released
The price of Bitcoin surpassed $14,000 on Oct. 31, the day Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008.
$14K: Bitcoin Hits Highest Level Since January 2018
Oct 31, 2020 at 10:09 UTC.Bitcoin has carved out a 33-month high, showing resilience amid growing instability in the traditional markets.
The evolution of crypto exchanges
Cryptocurrency exchanges started as a means to enable crypto enthusiasts to trade digital coins outside the traditional financial system on a decentralized and largely autonomous basis.
How COVID-19 has impacted crypto mining operations
Mining in the Time of COVID-19One of the biggest impacts on the Bitcoin mining industry was the supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19.
Why Bitcoin price and volume rising together is bad news for Ethereum, altseason
Bitcoin is sucking up the volume from the entire cryptocurrency market as it continues to rally.
Ethereum price ascending channel breakout possible if Bitcoin consolidates
In the past week, altcoins prices received a significant haircut, and investors who were light on Bitcoin saw their portfolio value take a hit.
Gotta collect 'em all: An overview of NFT marketplaces
On NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, a multitude of projects are at work producing all sorts of creative and transferable NFT items.
Top crypto fund manager explains the bull case for Uniswap
Uniswap is another DeFi coin that has faced a steep drawdown.
IOHK rolls out Marlowe Playground and announces winners of $10,000 Cardano hackathon
IOHK, the company behind the Cardano blockchain, has officially rolled out Marlowe Playground, an application-building platform that allows non-programmers to build financial smart contracts on Cardano.
Impending pennant breakout sets Bitcoin price back on the path to $14,000
As the weekend approaches, Bitcoin price appears set to close out the month with a remarkably strong performance which has many bulls calling for a new all-time high above $20,000 in the near future.
How the IRS tracks down people who don't report their crypto
The United States tax authority doesn't seem to be very efficient when it comes to tracking down who owes crypto taxes - for now.
Crypto Lender Celsius Taps Horizen for 'Proof-of-Reserves' Proof of Concept
Oct 30, 2020 at 20:59 UTCUpdated Oct 30, 2020 at 21:09 UTC.Crypto lender Celsius is producing a series of experiments over the next few months that would test what it would look like for the company to decentralize some of its operations.
Germany's central bank is working on a blockchain project, but it's not a CBDC
Bundesbank seems to be coyly flirting with blockchain technology.
The company that coined the term 'hash rate' is not concerned about its recent decline
Bitcoin's hash rate is down on the year, though the price remains largely unaffected.
Game review: Axie Infinity currently rules the Pay-to-Win-to-Earn roost
The Pokemon-inspired Axie Infinity has grown to become the number one nonfungible token, or NFT, game on the Ethereum blockchain, with over 7,000 on-chain active monthly users.
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tests $13.6K as DeFi Total Value Locked Dips Below $11B
Bitcoin trading around $13,354 as of 20:00 UTC. Gaining 0.14% over the previous 24 hours.
This country will now buy state-mined Bitcoin to fund imports
The Irani government will now allow imports to be paid for using Bitcoin, as per a recent report in local publication ISNA. The move is the first-of-its-kind and marks an important milestone in Bitcoin's history.
Desperation Among Filecoin Miners Creating a Big Market for FIL Borrowing
Filecoin miners are paying large investors an annual percentage rate as high as 40% to borrow FIL, the closely-held native token required to participate in the decentralized storage network.
Italian man caught allegedly using airport computer systems for ETH mining
You can't just mine crypto for profit using other people's systems without them approving it.
MakerDAO Members Voting on a Safeguard Against BProtocol Flash Loan-Type Attack
Oct 30, 2020 at 19:22 UTCUpdated Oct 30, 2020 at 20:59 UTC.The MakerDAO community is voting Friday on a proposal to change its governance system to harden it against flash loan attacks.
Bitcoin Developers Divided on Specifics of Taproot Activation
Only, it's not ready to be deployed yet because Bitcoin developers have differing opinions on the best route to activation.