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Samsung Explores Blockchain for Tracking Global Shipments
Electronics giant Samsung is mulling the use of a blockchain platform to manage its global supply chains, according to a report.
Hong Kong Securities Regulator Says Raising Capital Is Job For VCs, Not ICOs
The head of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission said during a speech on April 13 on "New Technologies and Asset Management" that the type of fundraising conducted through Initial Coin Offerings is better suited to venture capital funds.
Mastercard Patents Blockchain Tech To Combat Fake Identities
Mastercard has filed a patent for a Blockchain system to store and verify identity data, in an application published by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office April 12.
Samsung Is Looking Into Blockchain For Its Huge Global Supply Chain
South Korean electronics giant Samsung revealed it intends to use Blockchain for its global supply chain, Bloomberg reported April 16.
Crypto Markets See Slight Slump, While Crypto Investors Maintain High Predictions
Bitcoin's price has gone back under $8,000, and Ethereum's briefly under $500, as the crypto markets experience a slight slump today, April 16.
US Tech Group Releases 'Playbook' To Help Gov't Understand If It Needs Blockchain
The American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council released a second Blockchain resource specifically targeting government uptake of the technology this month, Forbes reports Sunday, Apr 15.
Ex-Google Employees Form Blockchain Innovation Community For Other 'Ex- Googlers'
Three former Google employees have joined together to create a community, the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance, for all ex-Googlers interested in Blockchain, according to a press release published Sunday, April 15.
Hanoi's Dpt. Of Industry And Trade Bans Crypto Use In E-Commerce
The Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade has banned organizations and individuals involved in e-commerce businesses in the city from using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to settle transactions online, in a document issued to relevant parties on April 13.
Islands, Robots And Flying Cars: Where Crypto-billionaires Chill Out
The island became famous not only for its privacy, but also for its special atmosphere.
Alleged Bitcoin Fraudster Renwick Haddow Extradited From Morocco To US
Renwick Haddow, a British citizen and alleged Bitcoin fraudster has been extradited from Morocco to the U.S. and appeared in a Manhattan District Court on Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced April 13.
Bitcoin Miner Blames Trading Crackdown in China for Shooting
A bitcoin miner in Taiwan is blaming the crackdown on bitcoin trading in mainland China for an incident in which he was shot by local gangsters.
'Downright Fraud': Hong Kong Securities Watchdog Warns on ICOs
Hong Kong's securities regulator is taking a skeptical tone on initial coin offerings.
Resistance Ahead: Bitcoin Bulls Seek Move Above $8,500
A move above resistance at $8,500 would provide confirmation bitcoin's bear market has ended, the technical charts indicate.
Taiwanese Miner Shot By Gangsters, Blames China's 'Strict' Bitcoin Control
A Taiwanese Bitcoin miner has been shot by gangsters after an argument about mining profits went wrong, local media report April 15.
How Blockchain Technologies Will Empower Artists
Blockchain and artists may sound like strange bedfellows at first.
HODL On: In Defense of Bitcoin's Best Investment Strategy
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Crypto Tax Dodgers Are Tempting Fate
Institutions like the Internal Revenue Service are then tasked with enforcing these laws, but they do not create tax law themselves, nor do they make decisions regarding tax expenditures.
Brazilian University Inaugurates South America's First Master's Degree in Crypto Finances
The disruption of blockchain technologies is a global phenomenon that has already begun to change our conceptions of finance and economy.
Pantera Capital Believes The Worst Is Over For Bitcoin
At the time, few realized that an unexpected market drop just before Christmas would signal the beginning of the end for the nearly 12-month digital currency bull run that shook markets and transformed spurious observers into enthralled participants.
A Bitcoin Rally After Tax Day? Don't Bet the Farm
"We may look back on this time as the 'Crypto Tax Crisis of 2018,' as thanks to tax liabilities we're witnessing the most concentrated period of net fiat outflows that the crypto asset ecosystem has experienced in its short life," Chris Burniske, a partner at Placeholder VC, and Jonathan Cheesman wrote in a recent, highly detailed Medium post.
Mastercard Eyes Blockchain for Fighting Fake Identities
A newly published patent filing from Mastercard suggests that the payments giant is looking at blockchain as a way to safeguard identity data.
Venezuelan Government Declares Petro Legal Tender
As per Venezuelan newspaper, the Official Gazette, all government institutions are now required to accept Petro as legal tender.
Is Verge the Next BitConnect? Ongoing Inconsistencies Alert Crypto Community
While staunch Verge supporters are quick to decry "FUD" at any and all negative news regarding their favored coin, an increasing amount of evidence that the project may be a large-scale exit scam is manifesting - notably, the disappearance of over 18 million XVG from the Verge "Fundraising" wallet.
Interview with Decred's CEO Jake Yocom-Piatt on Crypto Ad Bans and Market Volatility
Yocom-Piatt agreed to a phone interview with CryptoSlate to talk about market volatility, the recent cryptocurrency ad bans and Decred's development.
Golem Launches on Ethereum Mainnet
A year and a half after completing its successful $8 million ICO, Golem's "Brass" beta is up and running on the Ethereum mainnet.
Chilean Crypto Exchanges Go To Court To Fight The Banks 'Killing An Entire Industry'
Chilean cryptocurrency exchanges BUDA, Orionx, and CryptoMarket have recently applied to an appeals court to confront the banks that shut down their platforms' accounts, Bloomberg reported Friday, April 13.
Equity Markets vs. Cryptocurrency Markets: Weekly Performance Review: Apr. 7
There wasn't a lot of decisive action on the global equity markets last week as uncertainty seemed to prevail once again.
CNBC Fast Money's Brian Kelly: Bitcoin Is Like The 'Internet In The 1980s'
Brian Kelly of CNBC's Fast Money compared cryptocurrency to the "Internet in the 1980s," emphasizing that Bitcoin is still in its early stages in an April 13 interview on CNBC's Trading Block.
How Australia Is Becoming A Cryptocurrency Continent: Markets, Regulations And Plans
Australia has been very direct and positive in terms of cryptocurrency regulation and is already implementing some of its bigger plans, like exchange registration.
Why Leading Crypto Devs Don't Work In Silicon Valley
The trouble is many developers see larger industry startups like Coinbase, which made more than $1 billion in revenue last year, as a prime example of the "Big tech companies" that Romero positioned as antagonists.