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Banks Launder $2.7 Billion Every Day, Crypto Exchanges $9 Million in Two Years
Despite the billions of dollars banks launder on a daily basis, critics are still focused on crypto exchanges.
Watchmaker Hublot Announces Commemorative Watch Only Buyable With Bitcoin
Swiss watch company Hublot announced Sept. 19th that it will be releasing a special limited edition of its Big Bang line of watches that you'll only be able to purchase with Bitcoin. Opens Institute for Building 'Smart Cities' With Blockchain and AI
A division of Chinese e-commerce giant, JD Finance, has established the Smart City Research Institute at its headquarters in Nanjing, reported People's Daily September 28.
Report: Blockchain Technology Could Reduce Uncertainty in Foreign Trade
In its new policy brief, the Austrian Research Center International Economics has examined the possible effects of digitization, including blockchain technology, on the export economy, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reports today, September 28.
Opera Partners With Ledger Capital to Explore Blockchain Applications
Opera has partnered with blockchain advisory and financial services firm Ledger Capital to explore possible blockchain applications, according to a press release published September 28.
Crypto Accounts for Less Than 1 Percent of Pornhub Purchases
Canadian adult entertainment giant Pornhub has revealed that less than 1 percent of purchases on the platform are made in cryptocurrencies, Hard Fork reported September 28.
US Congressmen Call on SEC for Regulatory Clarity Regarding Cryptocurrencies
A group of lawmakers from the U.S. Congress has sent a letter to Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton, calling for regulatory clarity regarding cryptocurrencies, CNBC reported September 28.
WSJ: $88.6 Million in Illicit Funds Funneled Through Cryptocurrency Exchanges
A recent Wall Street Journal investigation has found that $88.6 million in ill-gotten funds have been funneled through 46 cryptocurrency exchanges, the WSJ reported September 28.
Opinion: Europe Must Embrace Blockchain to Avoid "Cybercolonization"
The unfortunate reality is that U.S. tech companies control and exploit large amounts of European data, in turn monopolizing our digital economy.
Bitcoin Fraudsters Misled Investors and Impersonated Regulators, CFTC Alleges
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission filed charges against two defendants for allegedly going to a number of lengths in attempts to steal bitcoin.
'Groupon for Cannabis Users' Sees Stock Jump After Announcing Development of Blockchain-Based Tech
Leafbuyer Technologies, a company Bloomberg describes as a cross between "Groupon and Yelp for cannabis users," saw a 40 percent jump in its stock.
Less Than 10 Percent of Chinese Middle Class Invests in Crypto, Study Shows
Less than 10 percent of the Chinese middle class are investing in cryptocurrencies after the government ban, according to a recent study cited by Technode Thursday, September 26.
Samourai Wallet Stops Showing Fiat Value of Bitcoin Balances
Privacy-focused bitcoin wallet Samourai is dropping fiat balances from its platform, the company announced Friday.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, Dash: Price Analysis, September 28
The downtrend will resume if the bears break below the September 12 low of $167.32.XRP/USDRipple has been trading between $0.45 and $0.58 for the past few days.
Despite Ban, Chinese Investors Continue to Buy ICO Tokens via Bitcoin OTC Providers
Despite China's infamous blanket ban on cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offering investing is making a resurgence in the country as Bitcoin Over-The-Counter exchanges gain prominence, reported local outlet Sina News on Sept. 26.OTC Market Fueling China's Crypto Craze.
Ethereum Security Lead Joins Effort to Oust Blockchain's Big Miners
A notable voice is joining the ranks of ethereum developers who are seeking to block powerful ASIC miners from earning an outsized share of the platform's valuable ether cryptocurrency.
Luxury Watchmaker Hublot Unveils New Model, Available for Bitcoin Only
Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot has unveiled its new watch Big Bang Blockchain in an official announcement September 19.
WSJ Investigation Alleges $88 Million Laundered Through 46 Crypto Exchanges
Nearly $90 million potentially associated with criminal activity was laundered through 46 cryptocurrency exchanges, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
U.S. Judge Rules Cryptocurrencies Can Be Treated as Commodities
In a court case of fraud allegations against My Big Coin Pay, a federal judge ruled that cryptocurrencies can be treated as commodities, even as legal discussions over its asset status continue.
US Lawmakers Ask SEC to Clarify ICO Regulations
A group of U.S. lawmakers are asking Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Jay Clayton to clarify when initial coin offerings are considered securities sales.
BitTorrent to Integrate Tron Tokens in New Incentive Model
Following its acquisition by blockchain startup Tron, peer-to-peer file sharing service BitTorrent will begin incentivizing users by paying them with its cryptocurrency tokens.
Open-Source Club: Monero Dodges Yet Another Attack With Community's Help
XMR has considerably more privacy properties than BTC: Instead of just being a decentralized coin, Monero is designed to be fully anonymous and virtually untraceable.
Japanese IT Giant GMO Launches Zcash Mining Software Client
Japanese internet services giant GMO Internet Inc. has launched a new mining software client designed for mining Zcash on graphic processing units.
Austrian Government to Auction $1.3 Billion Worth of Bonds on Ethereum Blockchain
In an unmistakable milestone for blockchain, the Austrian Treasury is to issue government bonds worth €1.15 billion on Ethereum, claiming the largest smart contract platform by market capitalization brings about "Added security" and a "High level of confidence" in the nation's bond auctions.
EU Markets Regulator Extends Restrictions for Selling Crypto-Based Derivatives
The European Securities and Markets Authority has decided to extend its restrictions on contracts for differences, including crypto-based ones.
Less Than 1 Percent of Pornhub Subscribers Are Paying With Crypto
Pornhub has provided a somewhat disheartening figure for the number of users utilizing its recently launched crypto payments options.
Japan's Messaging Giant LINE Announces New Digital Coin and 5 Decentralized Apps
Japanese social messaging giant LINE has unveiled 5 new decentralized applications and a new Japan-focused digital coin.
LINE Announces 5 Dapps in Push to Build Its Token Economy
Messaging giant LINE has officially announced the first five decentralized apps to launch on its custom blockchain platform.
Tech Giant GMO Wants to Help You Mine Zcash
Japanese IT giant GMO Internet has made another move into the cryptocurrency mining business.
Australia: Clients File Claim Against Publicly Listed ICO Advisory Firm DigitalX
Crypto firm DigitalX Ltd. has been served with an Originating Application and Statement of Claim.