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New Bank of America Patent Hints at Plan to Store Cryptocurrency Keys
Bank of America was awarded a patent for a device that stores cryptographic keys on Tuesday, and the document's details hint at applications for cryptocurrencies.
Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen Is 'Not A Fan' of Bitcoin
Former U.S. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen is "Not a fan" of bitcoin.
Bittrex Launches Malta-Based 'International' Trading Platform, Minus U.S. Customers
Bittrex International is launching a digital trading platform that will feature a "Streamlined" token approval process and focus on international customers, the company's blog revealed Monday, Oct. 29.
Venezuela Officially Launches Sale of Controversial Petro Coin for Fiat, Crypto
Venezuela's controversial state-owned cryptocurrency the Petro is now available for purchase for fiat and crypto, Venezuelan Economy Department announced on Twitter Monday, Oct. 29.
The Godfather of Ethereum ICOs Wants to Let Investors Take Their Money Back
The developer that formalized the code underlying most initial coin offerings - ethereum's ERC-20 token standard - has proposed a new approach in a bid to make the funding schemes more safe for would-be investors.
Is Tether Quietly Exiting the Market?
The stablecoin Tether has been the subject of controversy, speculation, and what some are calling "Weaponized FUD" in recent weeks.
Warren Buffett's Holding Invests $600 Mln in Fintech Firms Focused on Emerging Markets
Multinational holding conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway - which counts outspoken crypto critic Warren Buffett as its CEO and chairman - has invested around $600 million in two fintech payment firms focused on emerging markets, the Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 29.
Russia: Election Commission Head Says 'Blockchain' Sounds Like Prison, Suggests 'Rebranding'
The topic of implementing blockchain technology for voting was discussed at an event hosted by the Russian Central Election Commission, local state-owned news agency TASS reported Oct. 29.
Coinbase Raises $300 Million in New Funding Round to 'Accelerate' Cryptocurrency Adoption
Major U.S. crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase has raised $300 million in a fresh funding round that brings its post-money valuation to $8 billion, according to an official blog post published today, Oct. 30.
ETH, LTC, DASH and NEO Just Erased Their 2018 Price Gains
Alternative cryptocurrencies have begun to feel the crypto winter as major names start dropping below previous year-on-year price levels.
Major Accountancy Firms Race to Offer Auditing Services for Crypto and Blockchain Companies
Top professional services firms, including EY, PwC, and KPMG, are currently hiring hundreds of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to offer auditing services to companies involved in the loosely regulated sector, the Financial Times reported on Oct. 29.Auditors Grapple with Crypto and Blockchain.
This New Ethereum Software Client Is Built With Enterprises in Mind
Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, Pantheon is a suite of ethereum-based services built by PegaSys, a 50-strong engineering team at the ethereum design studio ConsenSys.
Coinbase Hits $8 Billion Valuation After $300 Million Raise
U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has just announced $300 million in new funding.
Parity to Help Zcash Gain Independence From Zcash
The privacy-centric zcash cryptocurrency just took a small step toward greater decentralization.
Bitcoin Is 'Anything but Useful' Says Ex-Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen
Bitcoin is "Anything but" a useful store of value, former U.S. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen stated in a speech Monday, Canadian financial news outlet Kitco reported Oct. 29.
U.S. Man Faces up to 5 Years in Prison for 'Unlicensed' Bitcoin Sales via LocalBitcoins
A U.S. citizen has pled guilty before a federal court to operating an "Unlicensed money transmitting business" via, according to a Department of Justice press release published Oct. 29.
Bitcoin Price Faces Drop to $6.1K After Range Breakdown
Bitcoin's downside break of a recent trading range has likely opened the doors for a drop to key support at $6,100, technical charts indicate.
U.K.'s Financial Regulator Mulls Ban on Sale of Crypto Derivatives
The U.K.'s Financial Conduct Authority has said it will consider whether to ban the sale of cryptocurrency-based derivatives, the Financial Times reported Oct. 29.
A Twitter Analysis of the "100 Most Influential People in Crypto" Exposes the Biggest Bitcoin Cash Haters
A Medium user posted a Twitter analysis of the "100 Most Influential People in Crypto," ranking the influencers on how vocal they are on bashing Bitcoin Cash.
'Halal Coins Only': First Islamic Crypto Exchange to be Launched in 2019
The ADAB Solutions project, based in the United Arab Emirates, is planning to launch FICE - the First Islamic Crypto Exchange which will be operating "According to the principles of Shariah law." The company is expecting to reach $146 million daily trading and $4.4 billion monthly turnover by 2020.Islamic finance as crypto exchange base.
Bitcoin Trader Pleads Guilty Over Unlicensed Exchange Business
A 21-year-old bitcoin trader from California has pleaded guilty to operating an unlicensed money transmission business and now faces a maximum of five years in prison.
Coincheck Reopens New Signups, Deposits and Withdrawals of 'Some' Cryptocurrencies
Monex Group, the Japanese internet broker that purchased hacked cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, announced it had reopened new account signups and limited trading in a statement Tuesday, Oct. 30.
What Bitcoin's White Paper Got Right, Wrong and What We Still Don't Know
The Bitcoin white paper has been, rightfully, recognized as one of the most original and influential computer science papers in history.
Crypto Price Tracking App CoinTicker Installs Backdoors to Control Host Computer: Report
Cybersecurity publications were sounding the alarm over cryptocurrency malware again Monday, Oct. 29 after a Malwarebytes forum user reported a price monitoring app for macOS was a trojan.
Joseph Lubin Goes in to Bat for Blockchain on CNBC, Says Ecosystem "Stronger than Ever"
While blockchain starts to pepper mainstream media with pervasive force, cryptocurrency pricing seems yet to shake its status as the mouthpiece of progress for the entire industry.
The New Effort to Get Bitcoin's Lightning Network In Every Browser
Touted as a way to make the world's most valuable cryptocurrency a more effective payment method, bitcoin's lightning network has a rather large obstacle ahead - it's still challenging, even risky, to set up and use.
Survey: 60% of Americans Think Crypto Should Be Treated as Fiat in Political Campaigns
A new survey by blockchain-oriented research firm Clovr showed that 60 percent of respondents think that cryptocurrency should be treated like fiat currency in political elections.
Bitcoin 'Patient Zero' Says BTC's Current Stage is Like '1992 for The Internet'
Bitcoin "Patient Zero" Wences Casares, the founder of Bitcoin wallet startup Xapo, said that the seminal cryptocurrency may take years to prove successful, in an interview with Bloomberg Oct. 29.In an interview with Bloomberg, Casares argued that BTC is an "Intellectual experiment," and it could be several years before it proves successful.
Russian Diamond Giant Signs Onto De Beers' Blockchain Tracking Platform
The two largest diamond producing groups on the planet are now jointly testing a blockchain platform to track assets.
Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Releases New Specifications
The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance has released a new set of specifications in an effort to provide standards for developers using private iterations of the Ethereum Blockchain, according to statements shared with Cointelegraph.