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Mastercard Is Hiring More Blockchain Developers
Payment giant Mastercard announced Thursday that it was hiring 175 new technology developers, including blockchain specialists.
Canadian Peer-to-Peer Trading Explodes Due to Bank Restrictions on Crypto Purchases
Following the trend of international banking institutions in limiting their customers' interaction with cryptocurrency associated accounts, Bank of Montreal, one of Canada's "Big Five," has taken a conservative stance on the new crypto economy.
Kindred Spirits: Why Hardcore Early Adopters Are Dead-Set on Kik's ICO
That's how Fred Wilson, a partner at Union Square Ventures and one of the most widely respected VCs working today, answered a question about the crypto market in general and specifically his outlook for Kin, the soon-to-be launched token created by the messaging app, Kik.
Alpha Release Of A Blockchain Startup To Test New Trading Strategies
A Blockchain based startup released the first version of its automated trading platform.
XRP 'Absolutely Not' A Security Says Ripple Chief Market Strategist
Ripple Foundation's chief market strategist Corey Johnson said that XRP is not a security in an interview, CNBC reports April 12.Johnson told CNBC Wednesday that Ripple was not a security as to allay speculation that XRP had not been added to cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase due to questions over its status.
Bitcoin Bites Back as JP Morgan Sued for Surprise Fees
In a satisfying swoop of ironic justice, JP Morgan has been sued for charging crypto purchases as high-interest cash advances.
UAE Government Launches Blockchain Strategy 2021
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has launched the 'UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021' with the goal of becoming a world leader in adopting technology, the Dubai Media Office reported April 11.During the launch of the 'UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021' His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said that the adoption of Blockchain technology would support the government's preparation for future challenges and save AED 11 bln that the government spends on document circulation annually.
Bank Of America Seeks Patent On Blockchain-Based Data Storage System
On April 12, the US Patent and Trademark Office published Bank of America's application for a patent on a Blockchain-based storage system with automated data authentication.
Blockchain Projects Battle for Health Records
Vulnerable to massive data hacks, siloed from effective communication, and frustrating to patients and healthcare providers alike, Electronic Health Records are ripe for disruption.
The Winklevoss Brothers Receive Patent For Digital Transaction Security System
Winklevoss IP, owned by brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has been granted a patent for a system to enhance the security of digital transactions, according to a patent document published by the US Patent and Trademarks Office April 10.According to the patent, the new system is an "Improvement to computer security technology" that seeks to embrace a "System, method, and program product for processing secure transactions within a cloud computing system" implementing common cryptographic encryption principles.
Samsung Produces ASIC Chips For New Halong Bitcoin Miner
Crypto mining distributor MyRig recently revealed that electronics giant Samsung supplies the ASIC chips for Bitcoin miners made by Halong Mining, according to a tweet from MyRig April 10.On Tuesday, MyRig tweeted an image of a company representative holding a plate of semiconductor material used in the production of integrated circuits.
Digital Asset Taps Former JP Morgan Exec for ASX Project
Fintech startup Digital Asset has hired a former JP Morgan Chase executive to work on a blockchain-based clearing and settlement system it is developing for the Australian Securities Exchange.
Cryptocurrency Market Cap Surpasses $300 Billion On Strong Bitcoin Rally
Cryptocurrency investors received an incredible shock today after seeing a double-digit spike in less than an hour.
Miner Reopens Coal-Fired Power Plant in Cheap Energy Quest
An Australian technology firm will reopen a coal-fired power plant just to run a blockchain, according to a Tuesday report.
Silk Road Federal Prosecutor: Blockchain Played Key Role In Investigation Of Fed. Agents
Former federal prosecutor Kathryn Haun spoke about the non-criminal nature of Bitcoin and the use of Blockchain of criminal investigations during an interview with Quartz published today, April 12.
Bank of America Envisions Blockchain As Internal Ledger
Bank of America may be looking into replacingsome of its existing data sharing systems with a blockchain, according to a patent application released Thursday.
CabbageTech CEO Concedes in CFTC Crypto Fraud Suit
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission apparently affirmed its ability to regulate cryptocurrencies as commodities on Thursday, after an alleged scammer gave up a legal fight against the agency.
Two Bogus Bitcoin Brokers Charged With $365,000 Cash Robbery In Singapore
Two 36-year-old men have been arrested in Singapore after allegedly stealing $365,000 in cash from a Malaysian man who wanted to buy Bitcoin from them, local media outlets reported Thursday, April 12.
Brazil's First Crypto-Finance Master's Degree Launches In São Paolo
Major Brazilian university Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo is offering the country's first Master's degree in crypto-finance, Finance Magnates reported April 12.
An Overview of the SEC's Position on Cryptocurrencies
The SEC have taken a "Maybe you are, maybe you aren't a security" approach to cryptocurrencies within their jurisdiction.
Fintech Startup Report Concludes Bitcoin Is 'Generally Permissible' Under Sharia Law
Blossom Finance, a fintech startup based in Indonesia, has released a report by their internal Sharia advisor that concludes that Bitcoin is "Generally permissible" under Sharia law, according to a press release published Thursday, April 12.
NY Regulator Argues BitLicense Regulation Boosted Businesses
The New York State Department of Financial Services is taking steps to defend its much-contested track record as an early regulator of cryptocurrency.
Texas Regulator Inspects 32 Crypto Promoters, Warns Of 'Widespread Fraud'
The Enforcement Division of the Texas State Securities Board has published the findings of its four-week investigation into "Suspect" securities offerings tied to cryptocurrencies, in a report released April 10.
Crypto Farm With 6000 Miners Shut Down In Russia For Overdue Electricity Bill
Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs officers have arrested two men that were allegedly involved in a cryptocurrency mining operation in Orenburg city for not paying for several million kilowatt-hours of electricity.
Russian Police Arrest Two for Illegal Crypto Mining
Russian police arrested two people for running an illegal cryptocurrency mining operation on Thursday.
'China's Google' Baidu Launches Blockchain-Based Image Rights Protection Platform
Chinese internet search giant Baidu has launched a digital image property rights management platform based on Blockchain, the company announced Wednesday, April 11.
IT Giant Tech Mahindra Joins India's Early Blockchain 'Bulls'
Despite a bearish outlook on cryptocurrencies from regulators, progressive Indian states and companies are charging ahead in exploring the applications of blockchain technology.
Santander, Ripple Launch First Blockchain Int'l Payment Service For Retail Customers
Spanish-based international bank Santander confirmed the launch of its Ripple-powered Blockchain payment network Thursday, April 12, becoming the first bank to do so.
Bitcoin Breakout: Price Jumps $1K in 60 Minutes
Bitcoin rallied over $1,000 in an hour this morning, having spent a better part of the last two weeks trading sideways in a narrow price range.
Carbon 'Stablecoin' Project Raises $2 Million in Seed Round
Cryptocurrency startup Carbon has raised $2 million in seed funding, the company revealed to CoinDesk, Thursday.