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Inside Korean Black Market of Crypto Exchange Listings: $5 Million Price Tag
According to several local projects, brokers are demanding millions of dollars to be paid out for unconditional listings.
Blockchain Among Targets of South Korea's $4.4 Billion Domestic Investment Plans for 2019
South Korea announced it would "Nurture" eight sectors of the domestic economy, including blockchain, by investing 5 trillion won next year, local media outlet Yonhap reports Monday, August 13.
Below $300: Ether Price Hits New Low for 2018
Ether, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fell to its lowest price of 2018 on Monday.
Marvel Weighs Legal Move Against Crypto Startup's 'Wacoinda' Plans
Marvel is not yet sure if it will oppose a cryptocurrency startup playing off the name of the fictional nation of Wakanda from the Black Panther film. CEO Roger Ver Eyes ICO as Token Issuance Protocol Comes to Bitcoin Cash CEO Roger Ver has hinted his publication may launch an ICO as he unveiled a new tool allowing developers to issue tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain in a video August 11.
Bitt Inks Blockchain Deal With Another Caribbean Central Bank
Barbados-based blockchain startup Bitt is partnering with the Centrale Bank van CuraƧao en Sint Maarten to look into issuing a central bank-backed digital currency for the two nations.
Token Forum Ushers In New Age of Blockchain Excitement in Seattle
Jonathon Gagliardoni hosted the first Token Forum Seattle on Aug. 9 at the Columbia Tower Club, bringing together a group of crypto industry leaders, experts and advocates for a deeper look into blockchain's most important topics.
Microsoft's Two New Patents Fuse Blockchain Tech With Trusted Computing Techniques
Two new patents from Microsoft reveal that the tech giant is looking to bolster its blockchain solutions with the use of trusted execution environments, according to two filings published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office August 9.
Bitcoin Price Hits 7-Month High Against Turkish Lira
Bitcoin jumped to seven-month highs against Turkey's national currency, the lira, on Monday.
Former S&P President Leads Seed Round for ICO Compliance Startup
Regtech and compliance startup iComply has just completed a seed funding round led by former Standard and Poor's president Deven Sharma.
China's IT Ministry Makes Blockchain, Data Security Focus of One of Its Key Labs for 2018
China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has included a blockchain-dedicated laboratory on the list of its key labs for 2018, published August 13.
Beyond the ICO Part 3: Evolution Versus Revolution
The ICO model will soon be rendered redundant by a series of new token offering models focusing on security, transparency, and regulatory compliance.
Bitcoin Trading Is Illegal in Saudi Arabia, Warn Watchdogs
A governmental committee comprised of Saudi Arabian regulators has issued a statement clarifying that cryptocurrency trading is illegal in the kingdom.
Turkish Lira's Collapse Sees Media Highlight Bitcoin's Relative Stability
Mainstream media seized on the unravelling currency crisis in Turkey Monday, August 13, with Bloomberg publicizing a demonstration of Bitcoin's comparatively low volatility.
Blockchain Social Network Minds Is Migrating to Ethereum for Launch
Blockchain-based social network Minds is migrating its platform to the ethereum network, the startup announced Monday.
Bitcoin Price Move Past $6.5K Would Boost Upside Potential
Against all odds, bitcoin defended the support at $6,000 over the weekend, opening doors for a stronger corrective rally above $6,480.
India: Government Officials Propose "Crypto Tokens," Maintain Negative Crypto Outlook
Despite continuing to maintain an unfavorable stance for cryptocurrencies and citing their potential role in money laundering, Indian government officials revealed they are looking at tokenized datasets and other cryptographic forms of blockchain technology.
China's Communist Party Publishes Blockchain Tech 101
China's Communist Party is moving to make blockchain literacy the norm across public offices with the publication of an explainer for officials and members.
Bull or Bear? How SEC Actions Correlate With Market Prices
The SEC has gained the reputation of being a major news-maker in the cryptocurrency field: The watchdog's decisions toward the market have been associated with a number of price drops and bull runs.
Where Roads Can't Reach, Blockchain Drones Just Might Travel
According to its makers, the drone can carry up to 880 pounds, travel as far as 220 miles and work up to 8 hours.
Vanishing KuCoin Office Worry Investors, Fate of Major Crypto Exchange
Investors of KuCoin, a major crypto exchange, are expressing their concerns regarding the mysterious disappearance of KuCoin headquarters in Hong Kong.Where Did KuCoin Go? Earlier this week, Jackson Wong, a cryptocurrency researcher and journalist based in Hong Kong, released an investigative report on the headquarters of KuCoin, which are supposed to be based in Wan Chai Hong Kong, at 300 Lockhart Road, Kiu Fu Commercial Building.
Crypto Millionaire Lost 5,500 Bitcoins in Alleged Investment Scam
A 22-year-old cryptocurrency millionaire has lost more than 5,500 bitcoins in an alleged investment scam in Thailand - one that drew public attention due to the alleged involvement of a Thai film actor.
Controversial Stablecoin Tether Issues New Batch of USDT Tokens Worth $50 Million
Tether has issued new tokens worth $50 million on August 11, according to block explorer OmniExplorer.
In Rare Decision, ICO Founders Will Wait 10 Years for Crypto Paydays
The team behind the protocol, today valued at $64 million, will now voluntarily wait a decade before they can get their hands on the blockchains' tokens they'll earn for their labor - seven years longer than they had originally planned.
IOHK Calls Out Ethereum's Casper Protocol In Favor of Own "Ouroboros"
Based on two social discussions over Reddit, H.K.-based IOHK, the parent company of Cardano and Ethereum Classic blockchains, released a detailed comparison between Casper and Ouroboros, two proof-of-stake protocols.
Microsoft Looks to Trusted Computing for Boosting Blockchain Security
Two newly-published patent applications from Microsoft suggest that the software giant is looking at the use of trusted execution environments, or TEEs, within its blockchain offerings.
Bears for Crypto, Bulls for ICOs: 2018 Market Positive Statistics
2018 has been significantly bigger for ICOs than 2017, with the most successful month coming in March.
Bitcoin Core Developer Revealed as Bitcoin Cash Bug Informant
After anonymously notifying Bitcoin ABC developers in April of a critical 'chain-splitting' bug in the Bitcoin Cash code, a Bitcoin Core developer has emerged to claim responsibility for the discovery - what he describes as a "Wake-up call" for the entire cryptocurrency industry.
Cryptos See Widespread Green, But Total Market Cap Remains Close to 3-Month Low
Bitcoin dominance - or the percentage of total crypto market cap that is Bitcoin's - is continuing to see a 2018 record-high percentage, at close to 50.9 percent.
Hodler's Digest, August 5-12: You Can't Actually Buy A Frappucino With Bitcoin, But You Can Ship More Things On Blockchain
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has delayed its decision on the listing and trading of a Bitcoin exchange traded fund until September 30.