Argentina's Parliament will see a new bill presenting a framework for crypto

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Cointelegraph en Español spoke with Efraín Barraza, Operations Manager of Athena Bitcoin in Argentina, and Alberto Vega, CEO of Bithan, who collaborated on the draft and who are looking to discuss a legal framework for crypto in Argentina.

Both Barraza and Vega remarked that their interest is to have a conversation and debate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Argentina, so that they do not get left behind, and considering that other countries are already discussing these issues.

Efraín Barraza explained: "We understand that the ecosystem, in order to grow, cannot be outside the law." He highlighted the importance of users and investors having some kind of protection.

On the other hand, Alberto Vega pointed out: "It is important to take into account where Argentina stands now and how we can get the benefits of being a pioneer country in the crypto sphere."

Then he added: "Today we can see that the issue of Bitcoin regulation is not even on the table, nor in the political debate at a national level, when in other countries they are already hard at work on it."

Vega believes that Argentina must try to take advantage of the ecosystem so that it benefits the country.

"We have been in the ecosystem for a long time and we see the problems in the industry. There are companies that have their bank accounts closed for no reason. These are very arbitrary rules," he said.

He argues that everyone benefits and that the projects that have emerged in Argentina have an impact.

Barraza explained that when talking about common assets, each asset has its own regulation.

With this new bill, the aim is the massive use of the crypto infrastructure and the efficiency that infrastructure can bring, even replacing or streamlining existing infrastructure.