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Thailand Greenlights Seven Crypto Operators to Service Clients
Seven cryptocurrency businesses were approved by Thai regulators, Aug. 16, to legally conduct digital asset operations as part of the country's shift toward optimizing the local blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrency ecosystem.
StellarX Co-Founder Details Why ICOs Shouldn't Be Held on Ethereum in New Research Paper
A StellarX co-founder has released a new research project that describes why ICOs shouldn't be held on the Ethereum network.
Coinbase Wins Patent for Secure Bitcoin Payments System
A newly published Coinbase patent seeks to protect a way of making bitcoin purchases more secure for customers.
Unstoppable Scams? Ethereum's Gambling Problem Is Only Getting Worse
Already mounting are warning cries from technologists who aren't exactly known for their risk reticence, a group that includes gambling dapp developers themselves.
Mark Cuban-Backed Unikrn ICO Hit by Class Action Lawsuit
Unikrn, a Seattle-based e-sport betting startup that conducted an initial coin offering last year, is now facing a class action suit that accuses it of violating securities law in the U.S. John Hastings, a Las Vegas resident and the lead plaintiff, filed the case with a court in the Washington State on Aug. 13, and alleged Unikrn and its founder Rahul Sood sold unregistered securities to the public via the ICO for its blockchain-based UnikoinGold Tokens.
Stably Launches StableUSD on Ethereum Mainnet
Stably is a fiat-collateralized stablecoin that provides transparent 1-to-1 parity to the U.S. dollar.
Coinbase Acquires Digital Identity Startup Distributed Systems
San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase is expanding its blockchain ecosystem to prepare for the onset of a regulated digital economy.
Nvidia Stock Falls as Q3 Revenue Estimates Hit by Crypto Mining Decline
The firm's revenue was affected by a decrease in crypto mining as digital currency markets slumped earlier this year.
Genesis Mining Compels Certain Customers to Upgrade BTC Mining Contracts
Iceland-based hashpower hosting service Genesis Mining is compelling some of its customers to upgrade their Bitcoin mining contracts following this year's significant cryptocurrency price decline, according to an August 17 statement.
Ripple Partners With Three Crypto Exchanges as Part of XRapid Solution
Ripple has added three cryptocurrency exchanges to its cross-border payments settlement product, according to a press release published August 16.
Coinbase Rebrands Toshi as Coinbase Wallet
Toshi's refreshed image, unveiled Aug. 15, will aid in Coinbase's effort to "Invest in products that will define the future of the decentralized web."
BitMex CEO: Ether Is a 'Sh*tcoin' That Will Fall Below $100
Ethereum holders may be holding their breath for an impending market bottom, but BitMex CEO Arthur Hayes has dubbed the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization a "Double-digit sh*tcoin" destined for sub-$100 levels.
Genesis Mining to End Unprofitable Crypto Contracts
Cloud mining service Genesis Mining is forcing some clients to upgrade to a five-year subscription or else lose services, it announced Thursday.
Nvidia Reports 'Substantial Decline' in GPU Sales to Crypto Miners
Nvidia is reporting a "Substantial decline" in revenue as a result of declining sales to cryptocurrency miners.
Bitcoin Cash's New Token Machine Gun: Inside Wormhole's Quest to Dethrone ERC-20
Last week, CEO Roger Ver and lead developer Corbin Frasers unveiled a new tool which allows developers to issue tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, hosted on their publication.
Bank of China Partners With China UnionPay to Explore Blockchain for Payment Systems
The commercial, state-backed Bank of China and financial services corporation China UnionPay have entered into a partnership, according to an August 15 announcement.
Toshi Goes Native to Become 'Coinbase Wallet'
Toshi, the open source decentralized app browser and wallet developed by Coinbase, is now going native to become "Coinbase Wallet," according to an official Medium post published August 15.
Blockchain for Good: How New Technology Is Helping Those in Need in Novel Ways
There has been a lot of discussion about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain can transform the world's economy - leaving paper money behind and going truly digital.
BCG Report Offers 'Reality Check' for Blockchain in Commodities Trading
Major U.S. consulting firm Boston Consulting Group has released an in-depth report August 16, which it dubs a "Reality check" for the use of blockchain in the commodity trading industry.
Binance LCX Launches Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange in Liechtenstein
Binance LCX, a joint venture between Binance and Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, has announced the launch of a fiat-to-crypto exchange, according to a press release published August 16.
High Times Rescinds Claim to Accept Cryptocurrency During IPO
Earlier this month, High Times magazine announced that they will be accepting cryptocurrency as the first-ever Nasdaq IPO to do so.
Square Rolls Out Bitcoin Service to Cash App in Every US State
The popular mobile payment service Square has announced that consumers across all 50 U.S. states can now use the Cash App to purchase and sell Bitcoin.
Plz No Cat: The Future of Crypto Disputes Is Being Decided By Doges
That's the idea behind a new game launched by Kleros, an ethereum-based startup that raised $2.5 million in the first round of its crypto token sale in July.
Soccer Body UEFA Scores 'Successful' Blockchain Ticketing Trial
The Union of European Football Associations, or UEFA as it's more commonly known, has just announced the completion of a "Successful" trial of a mobile ticketing app built with blockchain.
Ethereum Classic Jumps 15% Ahead of Today's Coinbase Launch
Ethereum classic is reporting double-digit gains on the heels of an anticipated listing on the Coinbase exchange as of 17:00 PST on Thursday.
Judge Rules Against ICO Founder in Fraud Lawsuit
A federal judge ruled against a blockchain startup and its founder after finding that several victims were defrauded out of potentially more than $1 million in cryptocurrencies.
ASX Head Says New DLT System Could Save Billions
The Australian Securities Exchange could save as much as $23 billion in its effort to replace its settlement system with a distributed ledger, its CEO announced Thursday.
California Is Open to Allowing Crypto Political Donations
Candidates for public office in California may soon be able to accept cryptocurrencies as donations.
Union of European Football Associations Implements Blockchain-Based Ticketing System
The Union of European Football Associations has successfully deployed a new ticketing system via mobile phones based on blockchain technology, according to an August 16 press release.
Pantera Capital Seeks $175 Million for Third Crypto Venture Fund
Crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital is seeking to raise $175 million for its third venture fund, a six-fold increase from its previous fund target, TechCrunch reports August 16.