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Huobi Open-Source DeFi Blockchain Now Live for Public Beta Testing
Huobi, a major cryptocurrency exchange, announced the public testnet launch of its open-source decentralized finance blockchain, Huobi Chain, on Feb. 29.
Bitcoin Price Avoids $8.2K to Mirror Stock-to-Flow Creator's Forecast
Bitcoin may have shed 11% in a week, but it is actually performing exactly like one of the industry's most famous analysts predicted.
Whistleblower Outs 'Wolf of Kyiv' for $70 Million Bitcoin Scam
A whistleblower has revealed the existence of a 200-employee Ukrainian Bitcoin trading scam that netted $70 million in 2019.
Ethereum long contracts just hit a record high: how it can trigger a big correction
The Ethereum price is quickly pulling back with technical analysts seeing sub-$200 in the short-term.
BIS Paper Reckons With P2P Payments, Tokenized Securities, Central Bank Digital Currencies
"The most transformative option for improving payments is a peer-to-peer arrangement that links payers and payees directly and minimises the number of intermediaries," said the BIS chief Agustín Carstens.
The States Can't Blockchain
"Uncensored truth." What the hell does that even mean? Anyone who has a passing familiarity with blockchains will know that blockchains can't guarantee an "Uncensored truth" as they only show the transactions that validators committed to the chain.
Why Enterprise Blockchains Fail: No Economic Incentives
Which use case will be most profitable when the network is mature?
Ripple Says Stablecoins Could be Created on XRP Ledger
Blockchain-based financial services network RippleNet provides a safe, convenient, and easy-to-use wallet for holders of the cryptocurrency XRP, and the features to their system's ledger may be expanding.
Coinbase Registers as Second-Class Member with JVCEA
The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association - the official self-regulatory organization for the crypto industry in Japan - announced on Mar. 2 that three additional companies have just registered as second-class members.
These 3 key factors are making traders think Bitcoin retests the $6,500 bottom
The Bitcoin price has dropped by around 18 percent in the last two weeks and traders are fearing a steep correction to occur in the short-term for three key reasons.
UK Startup Puts Haitian Farmers and Their Crops On the Blockchain
A UK tech company recently announced a blockchain ecosystem for farmers in Haiti, bringing clarity to the supply chain while bolstering sales.
Coronavirus Hits Crypto, Buffett Beef, Craig Wright a 'Disgrace': Hodler's Digest, Feb. 24-Mar. 1
Almost $3.2 trillion in U.S. stocks has been wiped out U.S. since Monday - and over the past seven days, Bitcoin has tumbled by more than 13%. Even gold, traditionally regarded as a safe haven asset, wasn't immune from the sell-offs.
Dubai Welcomes Global Businesses With First Blockchain KYC Platform
Dubai International Financial Centre and Mashreq bank announced the launch of their new blockchain data-sharing platform on March 1st.This platform will allow licensed businesses and corporations to open digital bank accounts instantly by verifying their identities via an internal blockchain.
What Do the Richest Men in the World Think of Crypto and Blockchain?
None of the rumors have been confirmed, and Amazon has denied any plans to accept Bitcoin or any other crypto on its platform.
Bitcoin's safe-haven narrative vanishes as investors flee risk-on assets
The global markets have been rattled by the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, which has led the US equities markets to see an intense selloff over the past seven trading sessions.
Tether CTO to Tell the Story of USDT Stablecoin At Upcoming Conference
Amid ongoing lawsuits surrounding controversial stablecoin Tether, the company's CTO plans to detail the asset's background at an upcoming conference.
Hester Peirce's Last Effort at SEC as Wilshire Phoenix BTC ETF Is Rejected
Securities and Exchange Commissioner Commissioner Hester Peirce has published a dissenting statement in response to the Commission's rejection of Wilshire Phoenix's Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund application.
XRP Price and Volume Linked to Twitter Activity, New Data Reveals
Relationship between tweets and XRP price since 2018?The number of tweets mentioning XRP has been relatively consistent over time with its yearly averages since 2018 is similar.
Analyst Claims 98% of Mining Rigs Fail to Verify Transactions
Alex de Vries, the founder of the Digiconomist, has given a damning assessment of the electricity consumed by Bitcoin mining in an interview with British media outlet, The Telegraph.
Ex-Employee Steals User Data From Derivatives Exchange Digitex
A former employee stole private information for more than 8,000 users, Christina Comben, who heads Digitex's communications, said Friday.
Understanding This Week's Market Whiplash, Featuring Scott Melker
What one of the worst weeks in recent history can teach us about market fundamentals, featuring prominent crypto trader Scott Melker.
As Fed Contemplates Coronavirus-Prompted Easing, Bitcoin Traders Bet on Halving
Such action by the Fed could, in theory, help bitcoin prices since lower rates would likely reduce the appeal of income-yielding assets such as U.S. Treasury bonds, according to analysts tracking the 11-year-old cryptocurrency.
Yemen's Civil War Shows the Dangers of Crypto
Yemen, home to what the United Nations calls the world's biggest humanitarian crisis, is in a state of civil war.
Chinese Crypto and Blockchain Firms Grapple With Coronavirus Outbreak
The outbreak "Has caused psychological stress on people," says a crypto exchange executive.
Crypto Firms Tout Dispersed Workforces as Coronavirus Contingency Plan
As firms around the world scramble to develop protocols for what is increasingly likely to become a pandemic, some crypto exchanges say they are going about business as usual.
New Twitter Investor May Remove Bitcoin Advocate Jack Dorsey as CEO
Jack Dorsey speaks at Consensus 2018, image via CoinDesk archives.
Coronavirus Impacts on Bitcoin
At the end of 2019, the IRS quietly published a set of virtual currency guidelines that broadly lumped together mainstream cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with honest-to-god Fortnite V-Bucks and Roblox Money.
Blockchain Storage Offers Security, but Leaves Data Transparent
The advent of blockchain technology seems to have heralded a new era in data security.
Kraken Donates 17.5 Bitcoin to Collaborative Hackerspace Noisebridge
On Feb. 27 Noisebridge advocate and attendee John Backus woke up to see that approximately 17.513 Bitcoin - equivalent to about $156,000 at the time - had been deposited into Noisebridge's cryptocurrency wallet.
Top 5 Cryptos This Week: LEO, HT, LINK, HEDG, Bitcoin
Within a few days, the traders are now worrying whether the bull phase in Bitcoin is over and will the crypto markets again slump into a bear phase.