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Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Completed as First Invalid Block Detected
The planned hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash network has been completed, as the first block considered invalid by the older client version was noted by BitMEX Research in a tweet on Nov. 15.Fork Monitor detected that the block at height 609,136 was considered invalid by the Bitcoin ABC 0.19.0 client.
What the CFTC Chairman Actually Said About Ether Futures and Ethereum 2.0
The ethereum network is expected to transition from its current proof-of-work consensus mechanism to a proof-of-stake model over the next year, in an upgrade known as Ethereum 2.0.
BRICS Nations Ponder Digital Currency to Ease Trade, Reduce USD Reliance
The BRICS association of major emerging economies has discussed developing a digital currency to ease trade in the bloc and reduce its reliance on U.S. dollars in settlement.
This Blockchain-Based Social Media Network Is The First Apple Pay Approved DApp
During day two of BlockShow Asia 2019, Pepo founder and CEO Jason Goldberg hosted a keynote to present his new product.
Tom Lee: Like FAANG Stocks, BTC Will Hit $25K Due to 'Network Value'
Fundstrat's Tom Lee believes Bitcoin will accrue price value following a similar logic to the Silicon Valley tech titans.
Bitcoin Cash Difficulty Volatile Ahead of Nov. 15 Hard Fork
Disloyalty and perhaps manipulation among miners, or just the possibility of such, has refocused the conversation ahead of the Nov. 15 fork.
Samson Mow: Stablecoins Are a 'Mid-Step Towards Hyperbitcoinization'
Stablecoin Tether is clearly the preference among investors but will not see a retail use case, Samson Mow says.
Binance CEO: It'll Be Hard for Nations to Outrun China on Blockchain
Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of crypto exchange Binance, says the Chinese President's endorsement of blockchain will inevitably drive mass adoption of crypto.
Bitcoin Price Back 'On the Edge' Says Trader After $8.8K Rejection
Bitcoin staged a dramatic breakout of its weekly trading corridor on Nov. 15, but selling pressure rejected an attempt to break $9,000.
Paypal's Pornhub Snub Pumps Verge by 33% on 168% Volume Surge
Verge has seen a 33% pump in the 24 hours following Paypal's move to pull the plug on the adult entertainment website Pornhub.
State-Run Ukranian Railway in Lviv Gets Caught Mining Bitcoin
A branch at Ukrainian Railways, was illegally mining crypto using the power grid of the state.
Binance Adds Support for Turkish Lira and Bitcoin, XRP, Ether Trading Pairs
Binance cryptocurrency exchange has added support for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the Turkish lira through its local digital wallet partner Papara.
Institutional Investors Want These 3 Things Before Jumping Into Crypto
Institutional investors aren't being overlooked at BlockShow Asia 2019.
Ingenico Partners with Pundi X to Unlock Android-Based Crypto Payments
French payment firm Ingenico has partnered with Singapore-based crypto startup Pundi X to enable its customers to receive payments in crypto using smartphones.
Bitcoin Price Slips Below $8,600 While Tezos Jumps 11%
Thursday Nov. 14 - Cryptocurrency markets are largely trading sideways, with Tezos being the only top-20 coin showing notables gains of more than 11%.Cryptocurrency market daily overview.
Central Bank of China Starts Trials to Restrict Large Cash Transactions
The People's Bank of China announced that it will pilot a restriction on large-scale cash transactions in three different regions across the country, with one expert calling the move paving the way for its upcoming digital Renminbi token.
Blacklists Aren't Enough To Stop Crypto Fraud
The security experts at BlockShow Asia 2019 agree: creating a unified blacklist for scammers and fraudsters is not only difficult, but it's not enough to solve these issues within the crypto space.
'We've Got to Be Careful' With Crypto Regulation, Says QUOINE Co-Founder
Speaking during an on-stage panel at BlockShow Asia 2019, QUOINE co-founder Mike Kayamori said he has always been in favor of crypto regulation, but has begun changing his mind: "Crypto is evolving, and the government can't try to regulate things it still doesn't understand."
Chinese Regulators Set to Push Inspections of Crypto Mining firms
Regulators in the Chinese autonomous province of Inner Mongolia continue to crack down on the province's crypto mining companies.
WSJ: Three ICO Startups Missed
Several firms that collectively raised about $40 million through unregulated initial coin offerings in 2017 missed their deadlines to repay investors following charges by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
Exclusive: SingularityNET Announces Its New PayPal Integration
The bridge between crypto and fiat is getting stronger.
Basic Attention Token adoption is surging as Brave 1.0 launches
Brave Software announced the official launch of its popular privacy-centric web browser Brave.
Weiss Crypto Ratings says 'Cardano is clearly superior to EOS'
Weiss Crypto Ratings, a crypto and financial ratings company, managed to divide the crypto community on Twitter yet again by saying that Cardano is "Clearly" superior to EOS. While many were arguing over the merits of each project, most agreed that the company has lost all of its credibility.
Wyoming's New Crypto Banking Law Could Defang New York's BitLicense
One of those laws allows Wyoming to charter Special Purpose Depository Institutions, a new type of fully-reserved fiat bank that can also custody crypto assets.
Bitcoin Price Defies 'Death Cross' as Bulls Pin Hopes on $9.1K Bounce
Bitcoin price continues to trend lower, marking 5 consecutive lower highs as the price makes a stairstep decline in a falling wedge.
Andreessen Horowitz Leads $25M Funding Round for Crypto Lending Startup
Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has led a $25 million funding round for crypto lending startup Compound. Loan Desk On Track to Lend Over $120 Million In November
United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency data and wallet provider is reportedly on track to lend out more than $120 million this month.
Two US Men Arrested For Stealing Social Media Accounts and Crypto via SIM Swapping
The United States Department of Justice has arrested and charged two Massachusetts men for allegedly taking over victims' social media accounts and stealing cryptocurrency.
BRICS Nations Discuss Creation of New Crypto For Unified Payment System
According to one official in attendance, members of international association BRICS discussed the creation of a new cryptocurrency at a recent summit.
OneCoin Founder's Brother Faces 90-Year Jail Term After Plea Deal
The Department of Justice reached a plea deal with Konstantin Ignatov for his involvement in OneCoin Ltd., a cryptocurrency project based out of Bulgaria.