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Artist Whose NFT Broke Auction Records 'Dismissed' NFTs Initially
The Winklevoss-backed marketplace for non-fungible tokens and digital art Nifty Gateway recorded its largest-valued NFT transaction to-date during an auction two weeks ago.
Can Blockchain E-Passports Help Save the Tourism Industry?
Enterprise-focused blockchain company ShareRing has launched a blockchain based contact tracing solution it will offer to 2.6 million hotel and activity providers that currently use one of the company's services.
Fed's Inflation Efforts 'Likely to End Disastrously' Says Pomp
Morgan Creek's Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano says the Federal Reserve's attempts to control inflation are likely to end in disaster - which will benefit Bitcoin.
Santiment Reveals Top DeFi Platforms by Development Activity
Maker, Synthetix, Band Protocol, and Augur are the top DeFi platforms in terms of developer activity.
Crypto lending volumes set record as Ethereum DeFi tokens surge
Lending firm Genesis said in a report Tuesday its business saw record volumes this year, presumably as the DeFi market surged ahead and institutional demand for crypto increased.
Blockchain Heroes Refuse to Accept 'Old World' Fiat Payments
Digital collectibles trading card series Blockchain Heroes launches this week, but won't be purchasable with old school fiat or credit card payments.
51% Attack Bleeds More Than $5M From Ethereum Classic
Forensic analysis suggests the recent Ethereum Classic blockchain reorganization was a carefully orchestrated malicious attack.
Blockstream's Adam Back Slams Ethereum as a Ponzi-Scheme
Back likened such schemes to altcoins Ethereum, Ripple and Stellar, along with 'Dan Larmer', which was presumably a reference to Bitshares and Steem creator Dan Larimer.
Ransomware Gang Steals 10TB of Pics and Data From Canon
The Maze ransomware group appears to be behind a recent cyberattack launched against Canon.
Bitcoin and S&P 500 No Longer Correlated: Mati Greenspan
The Quantum Economics founder says there was only ever a 'loose correlation' between crypto markets and the S&P 500 during the pandemic.
Bitcoin CME futures are trading at a $300+ premium; Here's what this means
This trend is elucidated while looking towards the growing premium between spot Bitcoin and BTC futures on the CME. Demand for BTC from investors using this platform - which is tailored towards institutions, professional traders, and wealthy retail traders - has driven the futures premium up over $300 above what spot Bitcoin is currently trading.
Man Accused of Arranging Murder to Avoid Crypto Debt Can't Escape Jail, Brazilian Court Rules
A Brazilian crypto businessman who allegedly arranged his former lawyer's murder rather than pay the man a R$2.5 million bitcoin debt remains jailed after Brazil's Supreme Court rejected his request for freedom.
Bloomberg: Ethereum's Rise is Speculative While Bitcoin's Price Is Based on Fundamentals
Bloomberg finds Ethreum's bull run to be speculative while contending that Bitcoin's appreciation is driven by fundamentals.
3 Ways US Fed Printing Is Fueling Huge Gold, Silver and Bitcoin Rally
The prices of gold, silver, and Bitcoin are all rallying in tandem, as various macro factors boost alternative assets.
Blockchain Salaries in China Are Exploding in Value As The Industry Expands
Chinese recruiting platforms revealed a significant rise in wages paid for blockchain-related job roles in the country.
Lex Sokolin: China's Open Source Development Has Lessons for the US
We can look at India and its band of over 50 Chinese apps, including the super app WeChat, or we can analyze the Donald Trump treatment of TikTok, put up for a fire sale and justified with jingoistic rhetoric.
Blockchain startup ShareRing launches anonymous COVID-19 contact-tracing e-passport
ShareRing, a tech startup focused on applying blockchain technology to travel and e-commerce industries, has just launched an anonymous contact-tracing e-passport app.
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Trudges Past $11.7K as DeFi Lending Rates Gyrate
Bitcoin gained Wednesday while DeFi interest rate volatility is causing concern over its long-term viability.
U.S. Congress appeals for zero tax on crypto staking rewards
A group of Congress members in the US have sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service asking for zero tax on staking rewards, a Coin Center letter revealed Tuesday.
DeFi Traders Are Gaming Ethereum for Higher Profits, Researchers Say
Decentralized finance has been clogging the Ethereum network, but not in the way most analysts would have guessed.
Anil Lulla: Two Reasons Crypto's Bull Market Is Coming
Anil Lulla is the co-founder and COO of Delphi Digital, a research firm dedicated to advancing the development of the crypto market.
Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on Stagflation, Bitcoin & the Dollar -CoinDesk
One of the realest people in financial media joins for a conversation about where the economy really is and where it's headed.
Price Analysis 8/5: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA, BNB, LINK, CRO
BTC/USDAfter forming an inside day candlestick pattern on Aug. 3 and 4, Bitcoin is attempting to resume its up move today, which suggests that the bulls have overpowered the bears.
Nasdaq-Listed MicroStrategy, Wary of Looming Dollar Inflation, Turns to Bitcoin and Gold
Aug 5, 2020 at 18:55 UTCUpdated Aug 5, 2020 at 19:18 UTC."Faith and fiat currency across the market is fading," said CEO Michael Saylor.
ETH Lite: Reflexer Labs Raises $1.7M to Build a Somewhat-Stable Coin for DeFi
Reflexer Labs is building a new asset called rai that's meant to follow the price movements of ether but more gradually.
OKEx Launches Indian P2P Trading Platform Despite Legal Uncertainty
OKEx has launched a peer-to-peer trading platform and fiat onramp in India.
Bitcoin Will Break $400K in Long-Term, Morgan Creek's Pomp Predicts
Amid the ongoing bull market, a major Bitcoin advocate has delivered another promising price prediction for the largest cryptocurrency.
Chainlink Partnership Proposes its Own Take on Human Readable Ethereum Names
Chainlink partners with War Riders to create a hybrid solution for human readable Ethereum names that removes friction for blockchain gamers.
17-Year-Old Pleads Not Guilty to Twitter Hack as Defense Tries to Lower Bail From $725K
The 17-year-old claimed to be the mastermind behind July's Twitter hack pleaded not guilty to all charges brought against him by U.S. authorities.
Crypto Class Action Asks to Use Social Media to Wrangle Flighty ICO Issuer
Plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against Status and its 2017 initial coin offering of the Status Network Token are asking the judge to authorize official document delivery, or serving, via alternative channels like Twitter and emails.