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Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, UNI
Conversely, if the pair drops below the 10-day EMA, it will suggest profit booking by traders at higher levels.
The US SEC amendments and SAFT process
Earlier this year, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission - in both the SEC versus Telegram and SEC versus Kik cases - vigorously argued that sales of contractual rights to acquire tokens on a when-issued basis should be integrated with later sales of the tokens.
Simple steps to keep your crypto safe
As Bitcoin is now sitting at its highest historical levels and the crypto community is anticipating more records in the near future, it is important to remember that the safety of crypto holdings very much depends on the user.
Yearn Finance formalizes operations budget as YFI rallies
After a three-day voting period, this morning members of Yearn Finance's decentralized governance approved Yearn Improvement Proposal 54, formalizing an ongoing budget for operational expenses.
How $150m in Ethereum & DAI was used to steal $7m from a competitor
Once again, the exploit took place on a competitor of Yearn.
Can blockchain make a difference? Africa sees vast monetary potential
As technological innovations continue to spread across Africa, the continent could provide some unique use cases for blockchain technology.
Central bank digital currencies are dead in the water
That reality is exactly why central bank digital currencies are dead in the water already.
Wall Street veteran Michael Novogratz held over 30,000 Bitcoin and 500,000 Ethereum at one point
Ever wondered how much cryptocurrency Wall Street veteran Mike Novogratz owns?
Social media problems and solutions: 'Centralization is not sustainable'
Over the past 15 years or so, social media has gained tremendous traction.
Are big holders expecting a larger drop?
A Bitcoin whale placed a $100 million short on Bybit, according to the pseudonyms trader CL. It comes after various on-chain data points toward a whale-driven sell-off throughout the past week.
Ukraine is prepared to lead Eastern Europe's crypto space
Finally, just a few months ago, the Ukranian government presented a new bill on digital assets to legitimize the sector - and this time, the attempt may well be successful.
The rise of major Bitcoin mining institutions is inevitable
That is why we are seeing a rush of institutions pouring into the Bitcoin mining space and starting to build out megafacilities.
3 reasons why Bitcoin price quickly recovered after dropping to $15.7K
The price of Bitcoin dropped to as low as $15,670 on Binance on Nov. 15.
This $700m cryptocurrency is about to see its first halving six months after Bitcoin
In May, Bitcoin underwent its long-awaited block reward halving.
Incoming Senator hopes to 'bring Bitcoin into the national conversation'
Does Bitcoin finally have an advocate at the highest levels of government?
Shotguns, dragons, and Doctor Who: The Blockchain Game Alliance's Game Demo Day
The global gaming market is forecast to generate over $159 billion in revenue in 2020, and at a recent two-day digital conference the Blockchain Gaming Alliance made it clear that its members are aiming to take a bite.
Etherisc to offer blockchain-based crop insurance to Kenyan farmers
The project aims to provide a blockchain-based parametric insurance platform that helps protect smallhold farmers from the effects of climate change.
Big Macs for stacking Sats: Bad Crypto news of the week
According to the Big Mac Index, a Bitcoin will now buy as many as 6,3421.
A New York airport test pilots blockchain-based coronavirus cleanliness app
The app will provide travelers at the New York state airport with surface cleanliness data in real-time.
This firm wants to help the US feds in selling $1 billion of seized Bitcoin
On-chain analysis and security company Chainalysis announced the launch of its "Asset realization program" to help government agencies and insolvency practitioners handle, store, realize, and monitor seized assets, as per a release earlier this week.
Value DeFi protocol suffers $6 million flash loan exploit
After a boast about the protocol's resiliency, Value DeFi loses $6 million to flash loan exploit.
Yes, robots will take our jobs
Across numerous industries throughout the decades, there has always been a pervasive fear that robots are going to take our jobs.
Ethereum DeFi's most enigmatic investor, "DegenSpartan" says this will be DeFi's watershed moment
If you've followed DeFi on Twitter, you've likely heard of the name "DegenSpartan."
Blockchain voting is the alternative for trusted democratic elections
Currently, many have proposed "Mobile" voting as an alternative more compatible with current times, allowing people to vote without leaving their homes.
Inflation games: Bitcoin competes with fiat on value but lacks volume
While fiat currencies buckle under economic strain exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, Bitcoin has continued on its upward trajectory for most of 2020.
Why Bitcoin price just lost $16K in a 'typical' weekend drop
The price of Bitcoin has seen volatility within the past 12 hours.
$3b DeFi protocol Uniswap just had its first governance call: here's how it went
Yesterday, holders of the UNI coin and other members of the DeFi ecosystem were invited to join an unofficial-though-important Uniswap governance call.
China's leadership in the Bitcoin mining industry will be challenged
If you talk about Bitcoin mining, you have to talk about China.
The DeFi market desperately needs to connect with real-world assets
DeFi right now is only a niche trend with a gigantic potential to start a revolution in the business loan market.
'Stealth phase' over? Why Wall Street FOMO will make $20K Bitcoin look cheap
Considering the impressive year Bitcoin is having, it's not surprising that Wall Street is now starting to realize that the world's first decentralized cryptocurrency isn't going anywhere.