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Malware on Official Monero Website Can Steal Crypto: Investigator
The software available for download on Monero's official website was compromised to steal cryptocurrency, according to a Nov. 19 Reddit post published by the coin's core development team.
Deutsche Boerse, Swisscom Settle Securities with Corda and Hyperledger
German securities marketplace Deutsche Boerse and Swiss state-run telecom Swisscom have settled securities transactions using different blockchain protocols.
FEMA Suggests Blockchain-Based Registry to Improve Disaster Insurance Payouts
The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency is exploring the idea of a blockchain-based property registry to streamline disaster insurance payouts.
Lamborghini Now Uses Salesforce Blockchain to Certify Heritage Cars
Italian luxury sports car brand Lamborghini is using Salesforce Blockchain to authenticate heritage Lamborghini cars.
Canada's Largest Bank Refutes Rumors About It Launching Crypto Exchange
The Royal Bank of Canada - the largest bank in Canada with $499 billion in assets under management - will not launch its own digital currency trading platform, contrary to previously published news.
The ultimate bull case for Bitcoin: what could push it beyond a trillion-dollar market cap?
As said by industry executives like Xapo CEO Wences Casares, many investors in the crypto sector believe that Bitcoin will either hit zero or surpass a trillion-dollar market cap in the long term.
LocalEthereum Adds Bitcoin as LocalBitcoins Bows to Finland Regulators
One of the main competitors of P2P Bitcoin exchange LocalBitcoins has taken even more of its market share as the Finnish company seeks regulatory compliance.
Bitcoin's 'Demise'? Google, Bailed-Out Citi Unveil Checking Accounts
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal last week, Google had revealed plans - devised under a project code-named Cache - to launch consumer checking accounts in partnership with Citigroup.
Willy Woo: $8K Bearish Bitcoin Price in 'Unique Setup' Before Halving
Bitcoin barely managed to maintain $8,000 support on Nov. 19 as analysts warn the outlook for markets is increasingly bearish.
Spotlight on Bitcoin as HSBC Shuts Hong Kong Protest-Linked Account
The need for censorship-resistant currencies like Bitcoin has been thrown, yet again, into stark relief as HSBC shutters an account reportedly used to fund Hong Kong protestors.
Grin Devs Respond: Mimblewimble Privacy Isn't 'Fundamentally Flawed'
The developers of privacy-centric cryptocurrency Grin have hit back at the fundamental claims of an article purporting to have "Broken" the coin's privacy model.
Wall Street Trader: Bitcoin's Lightning Network 'Pulled Me in'
Bond market veteran Nik Bhatia says that with Lightning, Bitcoin has become an unprecedented asset by combining a store of value with medium-of-exchange scale and speed.
Paraguay planning major cryptocurrency legislation overhaul
One of the world's top crypto law firms, Gresham International, announced this week that it submitted a proposal to begin working with the government of Paraguay on a raft of new cryptocurrency legislation.
Bitcoin taps parabolic trendline; is an explosive movement imminent?
Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market incurred a steep and widespread sell-off today that came about after a brief consolidation period.
US SEC Takes Another Look at Rejected Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Proposal
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing its decision to reject the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund filing from Bitwise Asset Management and NYSE Arca.Taking a second lookIn an announcement on Nov. 18, the commission said that the ETF filing from Bitwise Asset Management and NYSE Arca will return to review, following the earlier rejection for not meeting the necessary requirements.
US ICO Scammer Sentenced to 18 Months In Jail
Maksim Zaslavskiy, a computer programmer from Brooklyn and the first person in the United States to be convicted of running a fraudulent initial coin offering has been sentenced to a year and a half behind bars.
Longhash Blockchain Researchers Dispute 2017 'Single Whale' Theory
Blockchain education platform Longhash has released research that it claims debunks the recent single-whale theory of the 2017 Bitcoin bull run.
Tassat and Blockfills Launch Trade at Settlement Product for Bitcoin
New York-based fintech provider Tassat is partnering with digital asset market maker Blockfills to launch an institutional Trade at Settlement product for spot Bitcoin.
Researcher Breaks Grin's 'Privacy' Spending Just $60 Per Week
According to an expert at blockchain research firm Dragonfly Research, Mimblewimble's privacy is fundamentally flawed, which he reportedly proved by discovering the exact addresses of senders and recipients for 96% transactions of Mimblewimble's privacy-centric coin Grin.
Hacker Offers $100K in BTC as Bounty for Hacking Halliburton
Anonymous hacker Phineas Fisher will pay up to $100,000 in crypto to hackers for leaking some damaging information about global high-profile firms.
Spanish Financial Watchdog Warns Against Unregulated ICO Scheme
A Spanish financial watchdog has issued a warning against Ethereum-based token dubbed AlyCoin.
Crypto Markets Continue to Drop, Bitcoin Briefly Slips Below $8,200
After another sell-off earlier today, crypto markets have continued to fall, with Bitcoin briefly dropping below the $8,200 threshold.
U.S. Gov't Extradites Alleged Fraudster for Selling Fake Securities for $11 M in BTC
The United States has extradited a Swedish national from Thailand for allegedly selling fraudulent securities to investors online, garnering over $11 million worth of Bitcoin.
Chinese State Media Says Most 'Blockchain' Firms in China Are All Hype, No Code
Chinese news program Focus Report has said that there are around 32,000 companies in China that claim to use blockchain technology.
MakerDAO launches Multi-Collateral Dai as MKR holds steady
The move is going to bring a wide range of new features to the Maker protocol, including Dai Savings Rate and additional collateral asset types.
100k BTC is a key psychological level for BitMEX Bitcoin futures contracts
The number of open BitMEX Bitcoin futures contracts tends to peak at around $1 billion, or 100,000 BTC. Having open interest heavily dependant on key psychological levels shows that the crypto derivatives market has matured.
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China's Zhejiang Processes $6M via DLT Medical Billing Platform
China's Zhejiang province has processed nearly $6 million via a blockchain medical billing platform using Ant Financial's blockchain technology, Chinese publication QNSB reports on Nov. 18.
Bitcoin's Mempool Saw an Anomalous Number of Big Transactions on Friday
On Nov. 15, Bitcoin's blockchain mempool was at its highest level since January last year, according to figures from blockchain data website Blockchain.
Decentralized Payment Firm Radpay Raises $1.2M in Seed Round
Decentralized payment processing company Radpay has secured $1.2 million in a seed round, with the participation of investment firms Resiliency Ventures and BlackLaunch.