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Fidelity Is Still Looking for Bitcoin Mining Engineers
The Fidelity Center for Applied Technology is looking to find Bitcoin Mining Engineers for a "New business opportunity." The proposal is coming from the team behind Fidelity Digital Asset Services, the crypto trading arm of the financial giant.
Liquidity of Top Cryptocurrencies Is Stronger Than During 2017 Bull Market
Over the past year, BTC has also seen its market capitalization grow by approximately 200%.ETH trade volume consistently gains year-over-yearThree years ago, Ether was the second-most traded crypto asset, with a daily volume of $18.46 million.
Watch Chartist Dan McDermitt Debate Analyst Ronnie Moas on Why Trading Can Beat Hodling
This week, technical analyst Dan McDermitt of The Chart Guys educational platform debates Standpoint Research founder Ronnie Moas on trading versus holding.
Paxos' DLT Settlement Platform Is Live With Credit Suisse and Instinet
Paxos, a New York-regulated financial firm and the issuer of a USD-pegged stablecoin, has launched its blockchain-based settlement platform.
Everipedia & Genius Co-Founder Mahbod Moghadam shares bold Bitcoin and crypto predictions for 2020 and beyond
In our interview, Moghadam shared his crypto origin story and gave us some bold crypto predictions for 2020 and beyond.
The problem with crypto lending, and how to fix it
The problem with lending via centralized systems is simple.
Investor Fortress Raises Buyout Offer for Mt. Gox Creditor Claims by 71%
The New York-based private equity firm Fortress has issued a "Premium" offer to buy out creditor claims from the now-defunct Mt. Gox exchange.
Norwegian Air May Allow Customers to Pay With Crypto as Soon as Spring
Travelers on Norwegian Air, one of the largest airlines in Europe, will soon be able to pay for flights using cryptocurrency.
Paxos, Credit Suisse Claim First Blockchain-Based Settlement of US Equities
New York-regulated crypto startup Paxos, in conjunction with Credit Suisse and Nomura-owned broker-dealer Instinet, has claimed bragging rights for the first live blockchain-based settlement of U.S. equities.
Italian Soccer Giant Juventus Inks Deal for Ethereum-Based Player Collectibles
Top Italian soccer team Juventus is launching digital collectibles of its star players on blockchain-enabled fantasy football platform Sorare.
Never Mind Hodlers, Crypto Needs More Opportunist Investors
This is quite different than how most asset managers and professional investors invest, who are generally locked into an asset class based on specific mandate, and are therefore forced to try to make something out of whatever is available to them, even if the opportunity set isn't great.
Officials Arrest US Resident for Allegedly Laundering Drug Proceeds With Crypto
U.S. DEA Mobile Command Post.The U.S. arrested an alleged money launderer Tuesday on accusations of using cryptocurrencies and cashier's checks to obfuscate the origins of funds related to drug running.
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Tells Banks That 'Crypto Is Not a Bad Word'
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse's mission is to demolish bankers' fear of cryptocurrencies and get them on board with the new asset class.
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Says Bitcoin Halving Not Priced In Yet
Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of major crypto exchange Binance, suggested that Bitcoin's price has not yet adapted to the upcoming block reward halving.
Crypto Accused of Facilitating Illegal Gambling
Last week, a report claimed that cryptocurrency-based illegal gambling has surged in many parts of Asia owing to the rise of this novel asset class in recent years.
Cardano to Undergo Network Upgrade in Preparation for Shelley
The Cardano network will perform a scheduled upgrade on Feb. 20 to introduce Ouroboros BFT, an improved consensus mechanism.
Brazilian Central Bank Promises Instant Payment Platform to Compete With Crypto
The Central Bank of Brazil has announced a plan to launch a new near-instant payment system during November.
Financial Giant Morgan Stanley Acquires E*Trade in $13B Deal
Major investment bank Morgan Stanley is buying online trading firm E*Trade Financial Group, which would extend the bank's offerings to everyday investors.
Australian Stock Exchange Has New Blockchain Equity Competitor
NSX Limited, the operator of the National Stock Exchange of Australia, is working on a joint blockchain-based project to enable same-day settlements.
Understanding presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg's plan for cryptocurrency regulation
On Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidates participated in the last debate before the Nevada caucuses on Saturday.
This weird Bitcoin pattern suggests Wednesday's 10% dump may precede a massive surge
Over the past few days, all anyone could talk about on Crypto Twitter was the golden cross that had formed on Bitcoin's one-day chart.
Brazil's Central Bank to Launch Near-Instant Payments as a Response to Cryptocurrencies
A new payments system is coming to Brazil later this year promising almost instant transfers.
National Stock Exchange of Australia Plans DLT Platform to Compete with ASX
Australia's primary stock exchange could soon have a new blockchain-based rival.
Bitcoin Traps Buyers With Biggest Daily Price Loss in Three Months
Despite an $800 fall on Wednesday, bitcoin's broader trend remains bullish with prices holding above the higher low of $9,075.
Mystery VC Firm Wants Sensitive Evidence Redacted From Telegram Case
Newly published court documents reveal that an anonymous venture capital firm identified as "Investor F" sought to have evidence redacted from the first court hearing for the dispute between the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and Telegram.
XRP Price May Face 25% Drop if Recent High Breaks Down
XRP traders may be in for further losses as one trader warned that a bearish price feature was yet to complete its impact on the market.
Dutch Authorities Arrest Two Men for Alleged Crypto Money Laundering
The Dutch Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service has arrested two men for allegedly laundering money with cryptocurrencies.
Ethereum price plummets despite strong network activity growth
Ethereum's intense uptrend seen throughout 2020 reached a boiling point in early-February, with ETH's break above $200 allowing it to incur parabolic momentum that led it to highs of $290. Although the crypto has retraced from these highs, its mid-term market structure still remains firmly bullish, and many analysts are now noting that this will likely allow the crypto to soon rally to fresh year-to-date highs.
South Korea's Central Bank Is Building a New Blockchain System for the Bond Market
The Bank of Korea is looking at developing a new blockchain system for the Korean bond market, one of the largest such markets in Asia.Korean financial news site Yonhap Infomax confirmed Tuesday the Korean central bank was looking for a company that can build a new blockchain system that would improve record-keeping for the market.
No, Concentration Among Miners Isn't Going to Break Bitcoin
"In 2020, Bitcoin has become a highly centralized system that places an increasing amount of trust in a small number of large entities. Any centralization of Bitcoin network hash power should be of concern as it erodes the trustless model of the network," TokenAnalyst, a cryptocurrency research firm, says.