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SEC Comm: A Bitcoin ETF Could Help Fairly Price Grayscale's GBTC
The SEC commissioner Hester Peirce believes that a Bitcoin ETF could help price more fairly Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust.
Colombia Is The Ransomware Capital Of Latin America
A study unveiled on May 28 by the National Police of Colombia shows that ransomware attacks are a rising trend across the country.
Electroneum to Launch Electricity Top-Ups Across Africa
The blockchain-based digital payment project, Electroneum, will be launching an in-app electricity top-up feature across four African countries - Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and The Gambia.
One of Bitcoin's earliest developers suggests crypto trading is all speculation and no tech
The volatility of cryptocurrency markets is well-documented and definitely not for the faint-hearted - 100x leverage, double-digit percentage drops in a single trading session, and small-cap altcoins "Mooning" hundreds of dollars under an hour lead many to the crypto market under the guise of an early-adopter.
How Blockchain Tech Is Revolutionizing Traditional Lotteries
One niche area that could be poised to benefit greatly from it is lotteries.
Libra Will Allow Facebook to Spike Ad Prices, Zuckerberg Reportedly Says
The proposed Libra cryptocurrency will allow Facebook to increase ad prices, the social network's CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, according to Cnet.
Blockchain Development Firm Raises Nearly $28M in Funding
Blockchain technology firm LayerX raised nearly $28 million to further blockchain adoption.
The Last Time This Happened, Bitcoin Surged From $3,150 to $14,000
The last time major trading firms had such low Bitcoin reserves, the price of the dominant cryptocurrency surged from $3,150 to $14,000.
IMF Official Says Public-Private CBDC Offers Best of Both Worlds
Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, a representative from the International Monetary Fund, believes that a synthetic private-public partnership could be the best way forward for a central bank digital currency.
Celsius Users Can Now Buy Tether Gold via Debit and Credit Cards
Celsius Network is expanding its partnership with fiat-to-crypto payments provider, Simplex, by enabling its users to buy more crypto with credit and debit cards.
JPMorgan's Quorum: A Cross-Sector Blockchain Solution for Privacy Needs
Still, most blockchain platforms get disqualified due to one major condition that is practically mandatory in the financial sector: privacy.
Bitcoin Price Surges Past $9.4K as Week of Gains Targets Five Figures
10,000 is edging ever closer for Bitcoin, which has gained $800 in the past few days and taken little notice of resistance levels.
After a Slow Start, Tether Sees Increasing Usage in DeFi
Tether usage in decentralized finance appears to be growing, as lending protocol Aave reports over $7.2 million in USDT locked, out of a reported $60 million in total assets.
Slow and steady, but Cardano's Shelley was built diligently and systematically
Charles Hoskinson discussed the effort that went into building Shelley, the upcoming staking era of the Cardano blockchain.
Crypto Data Firm Launches Indicators to Fight Fake Asset Volumes and Market Caps
A crypto market data firm now offers a separate indicator for crypto asset market capitalization and volume data aggregated only from transparent exchanges.
Russia's Central Bank to Launch Blockchain-Powered Digital Mortgage Platform
The Central Bank of Russia is intending to use a local, FSB-approved blockchain for its upcoming e-mortgage project.
OKCoin Grant Dishes $100K to Bitcoin Payment Processor
Completing its second independent developer grant, crypto exchange OKCoin has donated $100,000 to open-source crypto payment processor BTCPay Server.
Gemini Exchange Partners With Samsung
Gemini has teamed up with Samsung, paving the way for mobile wallet interaction with the U.S.-based crypto exchange's app.
Gemini First US Exchange to Integrate With Samsung's Blockchain Wallet
Gemini has become the first U.S. crypto exchange and custodian to partner with Samsung, the companies announced Thursday.
NYC Hacker Charged Over $94 Million Bitcoin-for-Cards Scheme
Vitalii Antonenko is facing up to 20 years in jail for selling sensitive data after the prosecution traced his Bitcoin wallet.
Industry investor identifies 10 clear reasons why Ethereum is on bull market footing
While ETH has been stagnating, the underlying Ethereum network is showing a confluence of signs that a bull market is near, according to Spencer Noon, the head of crypto-native investment fund DTC Capital.
Stellar Invests in SatoshiPay's B2B Cross-Border Solution
The Stellar Development Foundation invests a further $550K to develop SatoshiPay's cross border B2B payment solution.
Pandemic Spurs Top Port Operator to Join Blockchain Shipping Platform
The COVID-19 pandemic is prompting supply chain actors worldwide to focus their energies on becoming more resilient through better digitization - and in particular through blockchain technology.
$103M Bailout Denied for Coronavirus-Hit Firms in Switzerland's 'Crypto Valley'
Crypto companies hard hit by the economic impact of COVID-19 have had a plea for a 100 million Swiss franc bailout rejected by Switzerland's government.
Enjin's New Minecraft Plugin Lets Players Spawn Blockchain Assets
Minecraft, one of the world's most popular video games, has a new plugin enabling players to place blockchain assets directly into their servers.
'What Are You Smoking?' Winklevoss Pans Goldman Sachs Bitcoin Bashing
Bitcoin supporters have widely panned Goldman Sachs after it emerged that the banking giant does not consider it as a real asset class.
Reddit's Fortnite Community Outpaces r/CryptoCurrency in Token Transfers
The Fortnite community on Reddit conducts five times as many token transfers as r/CryptoCurrency in the new community points system.
Defying Corona Crash, BlockTower Fund Stretches 30% Return to 73%
BlockTower Capital's hedge fund of cryptocurrencies was trudging along.
Here's why Jamie Dimon's economic outlook could be bullish for Bitcoin
The global economy is currently in uncharted waters, and investors across all markets and assets - including stocks, Bitcoin, gold, and more - are all closely watching to see how the economy trends as most countries begin easing their pandemic-related lockdowns.
Grayscale is Now Buying 1.5 Times the Amount of Bitcoin Being Mined
Crypto fund manager Grayscale Investments is accumulating Bitcoin at a rate equivalent to 150% of the new coins created by miners since the May 11 block reward halving.