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6 Questions for Paul Veradittakit of Pantera Capital
This week our 6 Questions go to Paul Veradittakit, a Partner at Pantera Capital.
Iran One-Ups the United States? Tehran Seeks Crypto Mining Dominance
Crypto mining in Iran is set to become even bigger with the government giving the green light for power plants to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
Bitcoin trading laws impede stablecoin development, says Japan regulator
A newly-appointed financial regulator in Japan said this week that introducing laws and regulations for Bitcoin trading would impede technical innovation while supporting purely speculative gains, according to Reuters.
VeChain's Latest Blockchain Application Makes Food Safer
VeChain's newly released tool offers a suite of whitelabel services that will allow the food sector to implement on-chain safety management services.
Bitcoin Market 'Much Different Now' as New BTC Wallets Approach 2017 Highs
New on-chain data suggests that demand for Bitcoin from new investors is growing.
FINRA: An Unnecessary, Unqualified Digital Asset Regulator
Specifically, on July 9, FINRA published "Regulatory Notice 20-23," which encourages broker-dealers to notify their assigned FINRA risk monitoring analyst as to whether they, their affiliates or their associated persons conduct, or intend to conduct, digital asset activity, including non-securities activity.
Bitcoin Price Continues Rally, Positive Sentiment Is Off the Charts
In the past couple of weeks, the Bitcoin price has resurged after months of apparent monetary stagnation.
Navigating the complexities of DeFi custody [INTERVIEW]
Being a self-professed DeFi and technology geek, Batlin's decision to aggressively pursue the budding sector was a no brainer given the real-time nature of its technology and tried and tested security infrastructure.
Authorities Find Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farm in Kyrgyzstan Free Economic Zone
Government authorities and executives at Free Economic Zone "Bishkek" are reportedly involved in running a large-scale illegal mining farm.
Blockchain Energy Trading Pilot Using Bitcoin Sidechain Goes Live in LA
Energy and transportation startup EVShare is launching a community energy-sharing pilot in Los Angeles.
Here's What's Actually Going on With the SEC and Republic's STO
On Aug. 5, Republic, a platform for investing in startups, announced that it had sold out commitments for coming fundraises for its security token, Republic Note, happening under two distinct exemptions.
North Korea Reportedly Using Altcoins to Convert $1.5B in Stolen Funds to Cash
North Korean hackers are reportedly using untraceable altcoins to convert stolen cryptocurrencies into cash.
The launch of this Ethereum token could put DeFi into another frenzy
Analysts expect a secondary DeFi "Frenzy" with the launch of the governance token of an Ethereum-based protocol.
Winklevoss: US Dollar Is Now a 'Funny Money' Endorsement of Bitcoin
The United States' failure to agree on Coronavirus stimulus shows that the dollar is "Funny money" and endorses Bitcoin, says Cameron Winklevoss.
'Crypto Mom' SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce Voted in Until 2025
United States Securities and Exchange Commission Commissioner Hester M. Peirce has been confirmed for a second term, lasting through 2025.
Bitcoin Dominance Slides to 12-Month Low as Crypto Market Cap Tests Resistance
Bitcoin's dominance has fallen to a 12-month low despite its recent rally, signaling renewed strength in the altcoins markets.
Analysis: Most DeFi Tokens Are Concentrated In Hands of Top 500 Holders
A new analysis suggests the token supplies for most DeFi projects are not widely distributed, with up to 99% held by the top 500 addresses.
Why isn't Ethereum Classic worth $0? Macro investor asks after 51% attacks
Ethereum Classic, the fork or version of the Ethereum protocol that didn't freeze the funds of the infamous DAO hack, has been under the spotlight over the past week.
Why is the ETC Price Steady Despite Risk of Further 51% Attacks?
After suffering two major blockchain reorganizations over the past week, Ethereum Classic has seen its hash rate plummet - exacerbating the risk of further 51% attacks targeting the network.
Altcoins Account for One Third of Total Crypto Mining Power Usage
Researchers at the Technical University of Munich are encouraging regulators to look beyond Bitcoin when it comes to considering the environmental impact of crypto mining.
Chinese Schools Can't Keep Up With Demand for Blockchain
The Chinese academic sector is "Seriously lagging" in terms of keeping up with demand for blockchain specialists.
Investors Dollar-Cost Averaging Bitcoin Since 2017 Made a 61.8% Return
Researchers at Coin Metrics found that investors who dollar-cost averaged into Bitcoin since the $20,000 peak in 2017 would still be profitable.
Podcast Host Lists Himself on Balancer: 'EVAN' Increases 500% in 2 Hours
The host of the 'Week in Ethereum' Podcast and former Director of ConseSys, Evan Van Ness is the latest person to tokenize himself on the blockchain - a growing trend in the gaming and marketing sectors.
Goldman Sachs is looking to issue their own crypto token: Here's what we know
It now appears that banking giant Goldman Sachs is fearful of falling behind the competition if they don't start adapting, as they may now be moving to introduce their own crypto token.
Europe's New 'Seed-to-Shelf' Cannabidiol Blockchain Tracking Tool
The Cannabinoid Association of the Netherlands has unveiled a blockchain-based CBD tracker for customers to trace a product's journey from seed-to-sale.
Rival Bitcoin Cash Camps Look Set to Compromise
Bitcoin Cash's ABC and BCHN camps look set to compromise on the protocol's coming upgrades in November.
What We Know So Far About the Wirecard Scandal
Australian YouTuber Dagogo Altraide posted a new video to his 2.5M subscribers detailing the fall of FinTech company Wirecard.
Ransomware Threatens Production of 300 Ventilators Per Day
The DoppelPaymer gang deployed a ransomware attack against ventilator manufacturer Boyce Technologies amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Raoul Pal: 'It May Not Be Worth Owning Any Asset Other Than Bitcoin'
Raoul Pal, CEO and founder of Real Vision, says Bitcoin may soon become his only asset for long-term investments.
The "Coinbase effect" is back
In 2017, Coinbase's influence over the crypto market was tremendous, with the exchange originally only offering access to select few crypto assets.