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Liquid Cancels Sale of Telegram's Gram Tokens, Returns Funds to Investors
Liquid Exchange has canceled the sale of Telegram Open Network's Gram tokens, according to a Jan. 10 company post.
Crypto market incurs technical strength as altcoins begin turning parabolic
The crypto market's firm uptrend has allowed multiple major altcoins to begin going parabolic, which to many investors is emblematic of the early stages of the massive bull run seen in late 2017.
Meet the DC Advocacy Org Helping Put Blockchain on the US Military's Radar
Later this year, the U.S. Department of Defense will give a report to Congress about ways in which blockchain technology might enhance the work of the U.S. military.
Bitcoin Price Rally to $9K in Danger as a Double Top Pattern Appears
Over the last few hours, Bitcoin price swiftly dropped 3% from $8,863 to $8,557 and for the third time in 24 hours bulls were forced to defend the $8,600 support level, which has currently been bought into on each dip.
More Bitcoin Scam Ads With Martin Lewis on Instagram
In 2019, Lewis settled a defamation suit against Facebook for similar Bitcoin scam adverts.
NBA Team Auctioning Basketball Star's Jersey on Ethereum Blockchain
The Sacramento Kings will auction off starting guard Buddy Hield's jersey from Wednesday's game against the Dallas Mavericks using a blockchain-powered marketplace.
BTCPay Server Now Processing Blockstream's Liquid Assets
Blockstream's Liquid sidechain is now integrated with BTCPay Server, the self-hosted bitcoin payment processor.
The Open Index Protocol Aims to Decentralize Media
As co-founder of the Open Index Protocol, James entered the world of blockchain when she realized it was impossible to control or even find content.
Anchorage Moves Into Crypto Trading With New Brokerage Service
Crypto services startup Anchorage has launched a crypto platform for its institutional investors and acquired the data analysis firm Merkle Data.Announced Wednesday, the moves mark an expansion in offerings for a company originally focused on providing institutions custodial services, as it continues to bet that adding more features like trading will carry crypto further into mainstream.
Electric Coin Company SDK Paves Way for Shielded Zcash Payments on Mobile
The for-profit entity working on Zcash has published a software development kit for both Android and iOS.According to a blog post Wednesday, the Electric Coin Company has published an improved Android SDK and new iOS package to help developers support shielded payments on mobile devices.
Venezuela's Maduro: Airlines Must Use Petros to Pay for Fuel
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has declared all flights out of the country must use the oil-backed petro cryptocurrency to pay for fuel.
Kraken Acquires One of Australia's Longest-Running Crypto Exchanges
U.S.-based Kraken announced its plans for expansion into the Asia-Pacific region on Tuesday after acquiring one of Australia's longest-running cryptocurrency exchanges, Bit Trade.
EEA Partners With Whiteblock to Offer New Testnet With Controlled Environment
Members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance can now test their blockchain applications within a new testnet, which does not require a full-scale roll-out.
Malaysia Looks to Tie Token Offerings to Exchanges
Following the US SEC's investor alert against Initial Exchange Offerings, Malaysia's regulator has published a regulatory guide requiring token offerings in the country be attached to exchanges.
Anchorage Acquires Merkle as Part of Trading Service Launch
Crypto custody company Anchorage now offers a crypto brokerage service, acquiring Merkle Data to further the service.
Swiss Real Estate Company Closes A $134 Million Deal Using Blockchain
A building on the prestigious Banhofstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland was successfully tokenized and sold on the blockchain today.
NBA's Kings Continue Reign Over Crypto-Fan Collab with Live Auction Platform
The National Basketball Association's Sacramento Kings are at it again and will tip off a live auction for gear with a blockchain-based app.
Why is "YouTube's King" PewDiePie shilling Tron and BitTorrent?
"DLive is built on the modern blockchain, providing a disruptive solution for the industry DLive's mission to empower creators through their revolutionary reward system."
There is a bearish case for Bitcoin despite the recent rally
Different technical analysts in the crypto community maintain that the recent rally could have triggered a new Bitcoin bull market.
Startup Crypto Exchange Blade to Launch Zero-Fee Trading in February
Crypto perpetuals exchange Blade will be introducing zero-fee trading next month in a bid to gain market share from rivals.
Crypto Analytics Firm Elliptic to Tell US Congress Privacy Coins Need Stricter AML Rules
A crypto analytics startup will recommend the U.S. Congress call for more stringent anti-money laundering enforcement around exchanges facilitating the trade of privacy coins during a hearing on how cryptocurrency is being used in human trafficking.
NJ Counterterrorism Chief Warns US Congress: Crypto Is Funding 'Domestic Extremism'
New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Director Jared Maples predicted Wednesday that domestic terrorists will increasingly turn to bitcoin.
Why Crypto's 'Rogue State' Narrative Is a Risk to the Industry
Crypto tokens weren't the only thing that saw a major pump yesterday.
Price Analysis Jan 15: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, TRX, XMR
Its dominance rate, which had risen above 69% on Jan. 8, dipped below 66% on Jan 15.
Kraken Hires Former CoinDesk Editor Pete Rizzo for Content Department
Pete Rizzo, former editor-in-chief at leading crypto news outlet CoinDesk, has started a new position at cryptocurrency exchange Kraken.
Crypto Exchange Upbit Finishes Security Update in Response to 2019 Hack
Strengthening its walls after a hack in late 2019, South Korean crypto exchange Upbit has finished a security upgrade for the wallets on its exchange platform, restoring functionality once again.
US Congress Looks at Role of Crypto and Internet in Funding Hate Crimes
In a Jan. 15 hearing, the FSC Subcommittee on National Security, International Development and Monetary Policy has examined how U.S. financial institutions can combat domestic terrorism, extremism and acts of hate.
Craig Wright's bonded courier arrives, but Kleiman says it's just a list of 16,000 addresses
The bonded courier set to deliver the "Key slices" necessary to unlock the encrypted files where Craig Wright's alleged Bitcoin fortune lies has finally arrived, pushing BSV's price upwards.
Bitcoin's hash rate reaches all-time high after a major difficulty adjustment
While many analysts predicted Bitcoin's mining difficulty will rise around 8 percent, few believed it would continue to increase at the same pace in the days following the adjustment.
Voyager to Offer Interest on Three Newly Listed Stablecoins
Cryptocurrency brokerage Voyager Digital has listed three stablecoins and will soon allow customers to earn interest on their holdings.