Time is our best friend: Bitcoin's 12-month trajectory to $100K

Published on by Cointele | Published on

Currently, the Bitcoin price is hovering around $18,000, steadily approaching its historical all-time high.

Bitcoin is sound money and the first native internet money in human society.

Once it reaches a critical mass of adoption as a store of value, Bitcoin has huge potential to grow into a global reserve currency over time as well as a universal unit of account.

It was hard to estimate demand given the fickle nature of speculative trading, whose magnitude outweighed holders who believed in Bitcoin as "Future sound money." The Bitcoin network also survived one of its most serious community divisions that led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

For the first time since its inception, Bitcoin has entered the mainstream media as "Digital gold" to hedge inflation risk.

Bitcoin has inherent value only because it has the unique characteristics of "Sound money" - scarce, durable, accessible, divisible, verifiable and censorship-resistant.

Given the lack of geopolitical homogeneity and increasing momentum of Bitcoin going mainstream, the risk of the cryptocurrency being banned out of existence diminishes with each passing day.

The unique quality of Bitcoin will speak for itself over time.

The increasing mean hash rate of the Bitcoin network represents the increasing security level that one would want to see in a network where people's wealth is stored.

I may be on the bullish side for Bitcoin's 12-month price trajectory, but I truly believe that time will be our best friend.