Bitcoin has hit all-time highs against numerous world currencies

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Is just a few thousand dollars away from its all-time high near $20,000 U.S. dollars.

While much of the crypto industry watch Bitcoin's price action in U.S. dollar terms, BTC has already achieved all-time high prices relative to numerous other world currencies.

In an Oct. 22 tweet, Alistair Milne mentioned seven countries in which Bitcoin had already reached its all-time high relative to those countries' native fiat currencies.

Bitcoin recently surpassed its all-time high against the Russian ruble earlier this month.

The asset also broke its record high against the Colombian peso a few weeks ago, completing the list - except for his closing comment, which forecasts "All other fiat currencies" to follow.

In U.S. dollar terms, Bitcoin has soared in recent weeks, leaving little room between its press-time price of $17,267 and its famed $20,000 level.

Bitcoin hit an all-time high of 62,102,236 Colombian pesos over the last 24 hours.

The VES replaced Venezuela's bolivar fuerte, or VEF. The VES shows Bitcoin at record price highs.

The VEF does not, although Bitcoin has continued rising in the charts.

Venezuela has hosted notable Bitcoin adoption after massive inflation hit the region.